The “Magical Kingdom” is not so magical after all

Oh, Mickey should NOT be happy!

We could probably look around the home of just about any parent we know and find some things, multiple things… uum, PILES of THINGS bought to us by Disney.  Last year, net income of the Walt Disney Company was valued at $3.83 billion (yea, that’s billion with a “b”!).

However, I just learned that while they avoid all toxic chemicals in the Animal Kingdom of Disney World, they are using over 80 varieties of very toxic cleaners and only a dozen green cleaners in the rest of their facilities (including parks, hotels and restaurants).

I know the “go green” movement can be a slow process, but as pointed out by CHEJ, they’ve obviously put some serious thought into their consideration of what comes in contact with the animals, but what about those areas where our children “bathe, eat and play”?

A reply letter from Disney said that they are “in compliance”, but we know that sometimes compliance is a fairly lax guideline and that seems like a fairly weak stance.  And it’s especially bothersome when you consider how susceptible children are to these toxic chemicals… and isn’t Disney World all about kids (okay, us “big kids” too!)?

If you’ve spent some major cashola at Disney World or just on a mountain of Disney products, you can go here to ask them to change their ways and reconsider their practices.

I think we’ve all “purchased” the right to higher expectations.

… aaaaaaand BREATH!

I’m so happy this morning! Barack Obama is our President-elect and I truly feel like we’ve taken the first step of moving in the right direction.

He has inherited problems of historic proportions and I have a lot of expectations, but I believe we’re going to see great things.  I believe things are going to get better… much better.

I also will not gloat.  John McCain was a class act last night.  His concession speech was terrific, and inspiring, and I will always praise him for his sacrifices. 

But now we’ve turned a corner.
President-elect Barack Obama:  “Change has come to America.”

Cheers to the next four years…

(…and now, back to our regularly scheduled program…) 🙂

I believe. is dedicated to all of the things that can make our world and our lives greener.  I never thought I would discuss my political views here, but yesterday I attended a rally in downtown Cleveland for presidential candidate Barack Obama and I believe I have to change my mind on that initial decision…

I believe we need a change.  A positive change.  I believe Obama is a new hope for change in our country.  I believe we need to unite… not divide.  I believe we can NOT continue on the destructive path of the past 8 years.

I believe we need to end the war in Iraq.  I believe we all deserve decent health care.  I believe in increased funding for education.  I believe in “considering the environment” for the future of sustainability, energy, the earth and our children.  I believe in people, in families… in the undeniable fact that the economic consideration of the middle-class, not big business, is absolutely essential.  I believe  in hope, not fear.  I believe in a new path to achieve a better tomorrow.

I believe, together, we can choose to make a change we can believe in.  I believe that change begins with Barack Obama.

And as my “rally pal”, Jenn, so simply put it, “We DESERVE a great president.”

Please vote.  Please believe.

(In staying true to the mission of, if you are interested in where both candidates stand on green issues, please click here.)