“Green” dry cleaning that won’t leave your head spinning.

I used to have a dry cleaning bill the size of Mount Everest.  Fortunately, with my departure from a professional job (although I am now a “professional mom” and should earn about $132K a year, but a paycheck never arrives!) the dry cdry-cleaningleaning bill is much, much smaller.

I never gave much thought to the chemicals and solvents used in dry cleaning –  namely Tetrachloroethylene, also known as Perchloroethylene or “Perc”.  It’s considered a carcinogen and is a danger for the workers cleaning the clothes and for us, once we bring our clothes home and they “off-gas.”  Just like that ‘new car smell’, you know the smell of dry cleaned clothes, right?  Well, it’s perc and known side effects include confusion, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea and difficulty speaking and walking.  Well, all that for crisp, clean(?) clothes… I don’t think so!

Since my husband still has some occasional dry cleaning, it’s time to look for a green dry cleaner!  Start with Green Earth to help you locate one in your area.  They skip the harsh chemicals and use an environmentally safe process that replaces petroleum-based (harmful) solvents with liquid silicone.  Another process that is catching on is carbon dioxide cleaning.  When put under high pressure, it can carry biodegradable soap, just like water in our washing machine, and then is reused without harmful effects.  Just make sure your dry cleaner is actually using one of these processes.  There are plenty of “green impostors” out there!green_earth_logo

And if you do dry clean, here are a few more tips:

  1. Don’t throw the hangers away.  Remove the paper and recycle it, and whether they are plastic or metal, return them to the dry cleaner (since 85% of them wind up in landfills!).  You can also ask your cleaner about using paper hangers or EcoHangers too.
  2. Not all “dry clean only” garments truly require dry cleaning… it’s just a way for clothing manufacturers to protect themselves in case you do a shoddy wash job!  Give it some thought before you send it off for dry cleaning.
  3. Go less frequently – wait until you have a bunch of clothes to clean.  This will save some of those horrible plastic bags they place over our garments, because whether you have one item or six, they all get hung together with one bag.

Just remember, you CAN have crispy, clean, fashionable clothes without walking into walls and slurring your words, and worrying about what was left in the wake.

Who’s going to Kiss My Face?…

100_84471… the big winner is (drum roll, please!) … Jeannette C!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You just won over $100 worth of Kiss My Face products!

The winner was selected by assigning random numbers to all comment entries, as well as tweets on Twitter, and again, my kids picked the number… also randomly, of course!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  I wish I had more to give away, because yes, they are that great, but that was the last of the fab Kiss My Face products!  BUT check back soon for more giveaways!

So “pucker-up, Jeannette C”!  Your kissable face is getting even more kissable!

It’s the first day of Spring… time to “Green Clean!”

Spring has sprung!  And along with the first peek at daffodils and tulips comes the time honored (read: dreaded!) tradition of Spring Cleaning.  There are a lot of aspects to this task… this really (REALLY!) dreaded task!  (Can you tell I simply prefer the daffodils and tulips?)

cleaner-basketFirst comes the actual cleaning – the elbow-grease, sweaty-job of getting rid of winter’s grim, gick and dirt.  For just about anything, I recommend vinegar, baking soda and water.  It can take care of it all.  You can find every use and combination I know by checking out Vinegartips.com.  Remember to forgo the paper towels and use those old t-shirts and towels that are too tattered for donating and would otherwise meet the trash can.  They can always be washed and reused for an even longer life.

Next comes the purge – getting rid of those “things” that no longer have a place or a purpose in your life.  Whether it’s clothing, household items, toys, furniture, books… find them a new home (granted they still have some life in them).  Donate them to a charity, list them on Freecycle or Craig’s List, or sell them, but don’t let them “find the curb” in a plastic garbage bag!

Then comes the discard of magazines, catalogs and unneeded “paper” (of every sort) – and make sure they get recycled.  Even cardboard boxes have a new life if you list them with Boxcycle or Usedcardboardboxes or again, Craig’s List. In fact, with every bit of cleaning-out you do, consider if it’s recyclable.  Example:  food cupboards.  Those boxes and cans are recyclable. You’ll be amazed!cardboardbox

I’ve always considered Spring the true “new beginning” of the year, so your new beginning doesn’t need to stop with only the cleaning part.  Consider making changes too, like switching to CFLs, buying those reusable shopping bags you’ve been avoiding, checking for leaks in your plumbing and even giving your car a good tune-up!

A fellow green mom has put together a kit to help us with all of these little “extras” too – check out Kathy’s Climate Kit.  She has condensed it down into one fine package and is offering all of my friends here a 10% discount to boot (just enter code: FESTIVAL at check out!).  Plus, a tree will be planted with American Forests Global Releaf Program for each kit sold.

So “start your cleaning engines” and let the Green Clean Games begin!

Earth Hour 2009… can you spare the time?

I recently learned about Earth Hour 2009 and I want to tell you now, so you mark your calendars.

EH_A2_Template_FINAL.inddEarth Hour started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, with 2.2 million homes and businesses turning off their lights for one hour as a “vote” FOR the earth, and a “vote” AGAINST global warming.  By 2008, this movement had grown to 50 million people, and even darkened the Sydney Opera House, Rome’s Colosseum, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and the Coca-Cola sign in NYCs Times Square.

This year the goal is ONE BILLION people switching off their lights in a unified vote, because, regardless of where you live, we all depend on the same planet!  This is the perfect timearth-hour-2e to turn off the lights, discuss global warming with your children, talk about what you can do to fight global warming and just “cozy-up” to consider taking actions to assure that we aren’t polluting our earth and overusing resources in our everyday lives – and realize how vital our actions are.  You might even consider contacting local officials and get your city, town or municipality to “switch off” too!… I did!

Mark your calendar:  Saturday, March 28, 2009, from 8:30 – 9:30 PM

Stand up, sign up and take responsibility.

Will you “vote” with me?

Want to Kiss My Face… again?… it’s a free giveaway!

(NOTE:  This giveaway is now closed for entries.)

They’re too good to hold onto. Kiss My Face products are making my face so kissable, I need to give away the rest of the booty (you know that word means “treasure” too, right?  Sheesh.  What are you thinking?!?)

100_8447So just like my last giveaway, I’m giving away a booty (“treasure”, dammit!) of Kiss My Face products. They’re packed full of healthy, natural, organic ingredients that even consider the environment in their manufacture.  And those pure botanicals and minerals are so important when considering that our skin absorbs 60% of what we slather on ourselves!  They don’t contain unnecessary chemicals or artificial colors and are never tested on animals….they’re just packed with “goodness”!

This package of Kiss My Face products is from their “Pure & Potent” line and includes a variety of cleansers, moisturizers and toners, valued at over $100!kiss-my-face3

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So pucker up, people… and Kiss My Face… again!