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org consum assocTwo weeks ago I wrote an article about “Antibiotics in our Food Supply”.  I got some interesting emails as a result (after I addressed the fact that I had been accused of writing “fear based content”). Again, that’s never my intent, but anyhow… a reader also sent me a fact and a link.  This, too, is worthy of sharing.

“Today, 7 out of every 10 items on grocery stores shelves contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. In other words, scientists are using new technology to transfer the genes of one species to another, and these altered foods are in the market stream. And yet many scientists have concerns about the safety — to people, wildlife and the environment — of this process. That’s why consumers in Asia and Europe are demanding that their food be free of genetically modified ingredients.”

Take that however you’d like but I will say again and again that I hate my foods being “messed with”! (And now I will jump off my soapbox and just continue…) As for the link, it directed me to the Organic Consumers Association site.  I checked it out and it’s fantastic.organic food aisle

Whether you are want to join a campaign and take action, find green/organic products and services in your area, or just catch up on some green news, it’s a great resource… for everyone.

As the saying goes, “we are what we eat” and, although I am far from perfect, I prefer to remain “un-modified”! You?

MGG joins the White Cloud “Roll-volution”!

WC rollvol(While I’m on the subject of making sure you have the “greenest bathroom on the block”)…

A number of months ago I talked about my participation in a blind test of recycled-content toilet paperWhite Cloud’s GreenEarth was the hands down winner AND it was even given my husband’s blessing… quite a relief after so, so many rejected brands.  (Phew!)

While I’ve now been able to count on GreenEarth to serve as our brand of choice, there’s also a bit of irony happening.  The very same husband that was so hard to please (as the self-dubbed “King of the Throne”!) seems to be having troubles actually replacing said recycled-content roll! Yea, you know what I mean… you live with one of them, don’t you?

So, I found our accepted brand of choices, but it’s not a big help when the roll is empty and never “present when needed”.  Yes, my friends, I live with a “square saver” (the one who leaves only two squares dangling on the roll!) … well, I’m joining the Roll-volution!

Our friends at White Cloud know our frustrations so, for a limited time, they have added 50% more to the package (six rolls instead of four)… and even the GreenEarth packages will be in stores soon!  No price increases, just extra free recycled-content toilet paper to help my husband (and yours!) get some practice to actually replace our dang roll!  Plus it’s now thicker and that’s a permanent upgrade!WC sq savr

White Cloud GreenEarth is still available exclusively at Walmart, but you can already take advantage of the coupon below for great savings now and then soon you’ll get some extra TP for free! (I’m going to stock-up big time… my husband needs a lot of practice!)

If you want to join the Roll-volution and share who you’re living (and dealing) with, White Cloud is giving away a $25 gift card every day.  Is your significant other a “square saver” too?  Maybe even a “topper”, a “ripper” or a “refuser”?

Spread the word and head there now to blow off some steam (and possibly earn a gift card to buy plenty of “practice materials!”).

(Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger. While I am compensated for my time, my opinions are entirely my own. White Cloud neither directs nor edits my posts, comments, views or opinions.)

10 things you overlooked to “go green” in your bathroom

bth room 2Everyone knows the standard list of ways to go green in the bathroom (and I’m not talking about all of those green beers you’re planning to drink next week for St. Patrick’s Day!).  I’m talking about turning off the water while you brush your teeth, low-flow shower heads, water efficient toilets, chemical-free cleaners, short showers and low-volume baths… okay, you’ve heard them all, but what about those little things you overlook?

Think there aren’t any?  Well, think again… here are some things you may have missed:

  • Soap – choose bar soaps over liquid shower gels and avoid excess plastic packaging. Although many of the bottles are recyclable, the caps often aren’t.
  • Cosmetic foundations & eyeliners – choose foundation sold in glass bottles or jars over those in plastic tubes and containers so they can be recycled. Choose wooden pencil eyeliners over plastic tubes too.grn soap
  • Shampoos – (if you must use a conditioner) choose a 2-in-1 product where the shampoo and conditioner are combined.  You will use one less container but also shorten your shower by skipping an extra step.
  • Razors – choose a refillable razor versus disposables.  Plastic razors simply become needless trash.
  • Toilet paper – choose recycled content toilet paper… a simple choice.
  • Q-tips – choose those with a paper spindle instead of plastic… plain and simple also.
  • Towels – choose bamboo options.  They’re soft, snuggly and (most important) sustainable!  Organic cotton towels are another great choice.
  • Greywater – Add a bucket in the shower with you and capture it!  Showers actually account for over a quarter of a home’s typical water usage, and there are plenty of uses for this greywater.
  • Shower curtins – avoid the additional plastic liner.  Instead choose a curtain that is waterproofed on the inside without the plastic.

Now, what you consume on St. Patrick’s Day is all your own business, but with these tips you can “go green” in the bathroom the more natural way!

Giveaway: National Geographic Kids “Human Footprint”

plastic bottleIt’s sometimes a difficult task to get kids to grasp the concept of what their daily life essentially means for our planet.

While you can try to explain what their “footprint” means, it can get lost in translation… and the impact of their impact fails to make an impression at all.

Well, what if they heard (and SAW) things like this:

  • You’ll drink 13,056 pints of milk in your lifetimeHuman Ftprnt
  • You’ll eat 14,518 candy bars in your lifetime
  • You’ll spend $52,972 on clothes in your lifetime
  • You and your fellow American throw away 694 plastic bottles each second!

Thanks to National Geographic Kids, you can now tell and SHOW them these facts. Human Footprint puts into perspective everything they will eat, use, wear, buy and THROW OUT in their lifetime, with astonishing photos to make it real.  It also shares great tips to help them lessen their impact on the planet.

I happen to have TWO copies I would love to share with you and your kids.  Interested in a fun lesson?  YES? Then just leave a comment here saying you’d like to win, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. Facebook friends can also leave a comment to be entered. The winners will be randomly selected on March 22! (U.S. entries only… sorry!)

I’ve shared my own list of ways to raise eco-friendly kids and getting a copy of this book was just added to that list!

Simple tip: Whiten your smile with baking soda

smlLately I’ve been on a coffee kick.  (Nothing jump-starts me like a nice {BIG} cup of organic java!)  But coffee can certainly dull the whiteness of our teeth in no time.

I’m not inclined to run out and buy whitening strips or invest in expensive treatments at my dentist.  And there has certainly been plenty of debate over the safety and side effects of using some of the solutions on the market.  I’ll admit that about 10 years ago I tried some whitening strips at home and they made my teeth so sensitive I tossed them in the trash.

bking sda

Enter: baking soda

Besides all of its cleaning, deodorizing and health purposes, baking soda is a great, safe alternative to whiten your teeth.

A few times a week, put your toothpaste on the brush, dip the toothpaste in baking soda and brush away.  This is a great remedy to help gently remove stains, freshen breath, dissolve plaque, and prevent decay… and then, as crazy as it sounds, you can use some baking soda to polish your chrome bathroom faucets while you’re there!

Now, it’s time to get back to that cup of organic coffee (followed up by some baking soda brushing!).