A clean-up solution for the tragic oil spill?

I find this absolutely intriguing.  It sounds crazy, yet logical… fundamental, yet brilliant. How interesting that something so organic and natural may be the solution for cleaning up the oil that could potentially devastate the environment.  Imagine if this could really work…? Take a look.

What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “A clean-up solution for the tragic oil spill?

  1. Only the hair and no cost materials can save the Earth from oil spill. BP should take up the cost and man power to help the environment since they are the one who cause the problem. Wait till we all solve the oil spill problem and throw all the hair and mats which fulls with oil in front of their offices, then they will reliase how serious they contaminate the environment.

  2. There is a simple reason why it isn’t being used. Agro business hasn’t patented these particular verieties of hay. Like they have with soy beans and corn. Dried corn stalks or silage would most likely do the same thing with oiil if it wasn’t already sold from the prior season. The government protects agro business much like they do the pharmacutical companies. When a plant variety is patented Ago business controls every aspect of it and the use of it.

  3. Lynn, Chanda, Alpine & Poet – does seems like a fantastic solution but Poet is probably right… all the political loopholes, rules & regulations… I just pray for a real solution SOON!

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