A doggie day at the “poo”

No, that isn’t a typo. I’m not missing an “l”, but let me explain, before you gag.

Our family took our beloved Black Lab/Australia Shepard mix dog, Bella, to a community pool for a doggie swim day. It’s the last day the pool is open and everyone is welcome to bring their dog to swim and give a donation for the right to fill the pool with canine swimmers. The proceeds go to an animal rescue – an obviously worthy cause.

When we arrived and gave our donation, we were given a “doggie bag”. I, at first, shoved it in our pool bag, but when I looked later I was really thrilled to see that it wasn’t a standard doggie poo bag. It was a DOGIPOT biodegradable poo bag! What a great option for all of the dog owners that justify their acceptance of plastic bags from retailers by saying that they use them to pick up after pets. I appreciate the thought, but those plastic bags don’t biodegrade. They sit in a landfill — filled with the poo. (Could I possibly say “poo” any more?!?!)

The funniest thing is when I checked out the DOGIPOT site they don’t really mention the biodegradable part…they don’t know what a great product they have. And although they don’t sell direct to consumers, you can buy direct from Care-A-Lot Pet Supply. They are unbelievably cheap for giving peace of mind ($6.99 for 200 bags!  That’s only three and a half cents per poo!)

So, just a side note about the outing. It seemed like it would be a fun time and it was!…however, (isn’t there always a “however”…) the bonus drama of the day was me SCREAMING at our 3-year old son to “GET OUT OF THE POOL!” because I saw him surrounded by 3 piles of immersed doggie poo. How nasty! (I promptly took both kids to the shower for a scrub down!) He later told me “Mommy… doggies are supposed to poop on the grass, not in the pool!” and rolled his eyes.

No kidding, sweetie. Biodegradable poo bags really DO work best on land.

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