A green birthday party favor that leaves the plastic behind!

DSC01077Both of my kids just celebrated another birthday and we’re on the cusp of yet another big birthday party.

Along with the pressure of creating the greatest birthday celebration (EVER!) comes the pressure of letting your little party-goers walking away with a little something special of their own.

Now I (truly) don’t intent to guilt anyone if they’ve ever fallen into the trap of the treat bag tradition (because I HAVE!), but all too often the treat bags we create include what I deem “trinkets ‘n trash”…  a loot bag filled with candy and plastic “stuff” that’s eventually destine for a landfill (and to live on, endlessly!).

In years past I have given the kids canvas tote bags and nylon sport bags so they can be used again and again.  This year I figured I’d better switch it up, if I don’t want to hear “ANOTHER bag?!?” from our guests.

This year I found these fantastic stainless steel water bottles.  They’re BPA Free and (would you believe) made in the USA! Cost each: $3! All it took was a trip to a local discount store and there they were!  I’ve easily spent $3 on those other treat bags, filling them with plastic toys, so the cost didn’t sway me.

My kids love them and can’t wait to give one to each of their friends. Their friends also seem excited to get a party favor that is a “big” gift too!

Whether it’s a tote, a sport bag or a water bottle, shop around and you’ll likely find a party favor that the kids and parents will appreciate, and the environment will thank you too!

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6 thoughts on “A green birthday party favor that leaves the plastic behind!

  1. This is AWESOME! I’m with you, I usually try to come up with Some Single Good Thing for each kid to take home, rather than the bags of crap. For my daughter’s princess party, I made each little girl a very quick-and-easy pink velvet princess cape (still way more work than I ever want to put in again to something like that, one of my “what was I thinking” memories), and for my son’s sleepover, a Big Kid Flashlight for each kid. The kind that came in handy last night when the power went out in the Thundersnow. 🙂

    But seriously, I think the kids like the “real” treat thing better…I wish I could get my hand on some of those bottles for that price! Bonus!

  2. Jenn – I don’t know where you live but I found ours at Five Below… check out their link and see if there is a store near you! http://www.fivebelow.com/ And I love your favors too! You’re craftier than me! And yes, the little party-goers LOOOOOVE the big treats and it’s so much greener!

  3. Fantastic find! Today is my daughter’s 14th – and I bought all the girls these darling socks for a $1 a pair! As I was buying them I was thinking of all the years she brought home all kinds of (junky – sorry thoughtful moms who just wanted my kid to get something) little things. I wanted to buy something useful and cute and hopefully something that won’t end up living in the junk heap.

  4. Im sorry – but I still think the whole idea of holding parties and recieving unwanted gifts and giving party favours – in whatever form – is against being green.

    Yes – I have a son going on 14 – yes – I held two parties for him when he just started school. Then I realised for all the mayhem and the waste – I decided to do family trips instead – one year was EuroDisney by coach, one was Go ape (climbing through tree assault course and zip wires), the last one was he went to Top Gear presentation in London with his uncle who is a car mechanic.

    Though I do not try to keep up with the “Joneses” – I try and live a green ethical life with giving my son opportunities that will stay with him for the rest of his life. I explained to the other mums that I wasnt holding any parties – they thought the family outings were fantastic and quite a few mums done the same thing. My son still got invited to all the parties that were still going on – as for presents – it was always a card (usually handmade) and a £5 for the child to spend on what he truly wanted. As for the party bags most of the items ended up in the local charity shop a week or so later.

  5. Andrea – love your idea! I’m sure the girls loved them too!

    Ann – I respectfully disagree. For us, celebrating our children is a tradition. And there are ways to keep any party green. http://www.momgoesgreen.com/how-to-keep-your-birthday-parties-green/ The children this weekend LOVED the bottles and the parents did too. We received so many comments about how much use they would get from them and the wonderful message that it sent to the children too. We included a thank you note and an explanation about why we were giving them (in order for them to take their own drinks wherever they go and not purchase drinks in bottles that may become trash). As for the gifts, our tradition has also become to keep a few gifts and donate some to a local charity. My children also know that when they receive new gifts it is also time to clear out some of the others that they no longer need and donate those as well. All in all, I think more good than harm came from our celebration. Thank you for your thoughts. .

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