A Happy Birthday… to the old chickie they say I am.

Okay, this has nothing whatsoever to do with being green … and hold the cheers, because yes, it’s my birthday, but it’s one of those crappy milestones that I choose not to acknowledge in my own head!

And you want to know what I got?  An email from AARP!!! What? … What the HELL, actually!

Okay, I admit that I’m not ‘green’ from lack of years and experience, and I’m only green from a choice of environmental consciousness and healthy living, but come on!!!  AARP!?!  I still have decades of years ahead of me before I’m a candidate!  I think someone got a digit in my birth year wrong!!! I know it can start at 50, but not in THIS decade!  Sheesh!

Want to know what I got after that?  An email for an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream… are they serious?  Is this really happening?

Augh! Forget the green. Now, I feel blue… and especially wrinkly too.  Fabulous.

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26 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday… to the old chickie they say I am.

  1. Hey! Happy Birthday! Remember, 50 is the new 40!
    You’re only as old as you feel. Change that attitude!
    With age comes wisdom! You may be an oldie but you’re a goodie!
    And I’m now 42! (GRIN)

    Have a good one!
    PS AARP has been chasing me for over 4 years now. Still resisting! 🙂

  2. forget all that….go out dance, celebrate, rock it out and relive your youthful days. then, when you wake up tomorrow with a huge hangover and sore feet, you can be thankful that you are older, wiser, more mature and have a great life now. happy birthday.

  3. You should do what I did: convince yourself you’re older than you are. Then when you realize what your actual age is you’ll feel blessed with years you didn’t expect!

    Yes, that happened. I was convinced I was 38 for about 3 years (sorry, I’m bad at math) when finally one of my employees asked what year I was born, did the math… 35 never looked so good!

    After that saga… I just don’t care. I often tack on an extra decade or two in my voice; in my head, I’m ninety-two!
    : )

  4. Jim Kukral says to wish you a happy birthday, so…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I second lisa picarille’s wishes. Enjoy life and birthdays and the wisdom it brings. I hope you have a happy day.

    ClevelandMoms last blog post..More Clambakes

  5. Happy Birthday, Sis!

    40 ain’s so bad – hey, I am rolling up on 50!

    Love ya!

    Uncle Dave

  6. Happy birthday, Jim’s wife! You look awfully young to have lived with him so long…

    I’m 20 years ahead of you and can tell you that despite the extra maintenance our bodies require, there IS fun to be had after 40.

  7. Doreen, I hope you have a fantastic day. I *love* celebrating my birthday, and am getting less shy about urging others to celebrate with me. My husband threw a fabulous birthday party for me just 10 days ago and we all had a wonderful time. I’ve never had a birthday party as an adult and loved it. Boy did Randy get brownie points for that effort!

  8. Happy Birthday, Doreen! I’m sure it’s not as ‘BIG’ a one as I celbrated last year (born 1947).. Ouch, that one really hit me hard. I even started to walk in smaller steps, could hear my bones creaking as I got out of a chair (all in my imagination, cuz one year later I feel young again!) – go figure.

    SO celebrate your birthday, your aging…..I mean: think of the alternative!

    Wishing you the best day today, and the year to come as well.


  9. Happy Birthday, Doreen. Having passed the “half-century mark” myself, I can tell you from experience, it only gets better!

    And remember this: “You’re not old unless you get wrinkles in your heart!” ~ Barbara Johnson

    Be Happy!

    Teri Dempskis last blog post..I’ve been Twitterpated!

  10. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Doreen! Think beyond the digits; as far as I’m concerned, age is really just a state of mind. If you think young and act young, you ARE young…and don’t let any e-marketers tell you otherwise! 😉

    Best wishes, shay 🙂

    P.S. – You and I share the same birthday (I’m just one year behind you), and I’m actually quite looking forward to the big four-oh!

  11. I think I get why this would bother you…but really look in the reflecting glass…you are such a hottie!!!! Don’t get caught up on the number, if you feel 30 tell people you’re 30, you can and they would never question it! Now, for Jim singing to your for your “Happy Birthday”…OMG what a guy.

    Have we talked about Jim having brothers??????

    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Bithday to you…Haffy Barffday to ewu..haffy bbbbbbday to ewu!
    Are you driniking????

  12. EVERYONE!!!! — Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Sincerely… all of the love made my day! (along with Jim’s ukulele song, of course)…plus time with my amazing family, sake, sushi and a big honkin’ carrot cake! Life IS good! For the record though, it was 40, not 50!!! Sheesh! 🙂 And Joel, thanks for suggesting it was only 30! 🙂

    Owen O & Shay – HaPPy BiRTHDaY To You Too!

    OneGreenMommy – HaPPy BiRTHDaY to your son too! Great things happen on October 21!

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