…a last “look” at Earth Hour 2009…

Okay, I swear this will be the last post about Earth Hour (at least for this year!…)

earth-hour-switchTake a last look at some famous landmarks and locations around the world turning off the lights for Earth Hour.  This whole event still amazes me!  (Beginning with the second photo, you can click on the image to see it fade.  However, you will need javascript to enjoy this feature.)

And while I’m already “here” – I never gave any real credit to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for being the driving force behind Earth Hour!  Thanks, WWF!  We loved casting our vote!

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2 thoughts on “…a last “look” at Earth Hour 2009…

  1. That’s a really neat way to see how many cities participated! I have to say how disappointed I was Saturday morning at a DJ on XM radio. As he was signing off, around 12 pm, he was saying his goodbyes, etc and added in how not to turn your lights off and not to give in to another organization trying to rule the world. REALLY? I mean…REALLY? Because turning your lights off for an hour, one designated hour in the YEAR is a plight towards world domination. It upset me and I hope the other listeners realized what a dope he was.

  2. Frannie – Oh! That’s just sickening!… and ridiculous! Stories like that just frustrate me to no end. I often wonder if these people listen to the things coming out of their head! Hopefully his listeners were smarter than that…. if not, look out! We environmentalists are going to RULE THE WORLD!!! 🙂

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