A leap into organic foods

I’ve had so many discussions with friends about going organic but, surprisingly, few of my friends follow the same guidelines I have for myself and my family. Reasons range anywhere from “I just haven’t gotten to it yet”, “it’s too complicated”, “it’s too expensive” or a simple “yea, I know! I want to, but…”

Recently, however, one of my friends had a really legitimate question: “Where do I even start?” In my opinion, I told her to start with organic dairy and meat products. Besides recycling, those were my first two changes. And to me, the reasons were obvious.

Let’s think about it for a second. Besides the animals simply being treated more humanely, for me, one major word comes to mind…steroids! They are dangerous to humans for a reason, so it seems ludicrous to me that farmers would be allowed to pass on animal products that are overloaded with growth hormone, steroids and antibiotics. So when we consume these products what do you think is in the milk, eggs or meat of these animals? Drugs that are harmful to humans and, in some cases, illegal.

We tell pregnant women and nursing moms not to consume certain foods, to watch their diets and avoid alcohol, but then we have drug laced meat and dairy just spread out on grocery store shelves, ready for us to consume.

Knowing what we now know, I can’t understand how this is acceptable to the FDA. And I, personally, can’t stand the thought of giving my kids non-organic milk on a daily basis. (I won’t even begin to discuss the gross side effects cows experience when injected with too many growth hormones!…yeah, it’s bad!)

For me, it brings new meaning to the old anti-drug slogan “Just Say No!”

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8 thoughts on “A leap into organic foods

  1. AND if our meat supply isn’t fed their natural diet (they’re getting WAY TOO MUCH CORN), they’re too fat and actually malnourished, which then, the meat that our population is eating doesn’t contain the ingredients for OUR OWN nutrition and growth.

    SO, they’re even contributing much of America children falling behind Europe and Japan in academic scoring due to lack of proper nutrition.

    It really is a chain. And it really is all inter-connected.

    GO, DOREEN!!!

    Kevin Charnass last blog post..A Milestone, An Anniversary, And A Ring

  2. Kev – I learn something new from you constantly. It has a real snowball effect, doesn’t it? We sometimes forget that we consume a lot of what our “food supply” consumes and often times, it’s not something we would choose!

  3. Hi, Doreen —

    For me, the issue is antibiotics. I have severe antibiotic resistance and nearly died from it as a teenager. So, all dairy is organic (okay, so I don’t drink milk anymore) and contains no antibiotics. I don’t eat meat, so it isn’t an issue there. But, the thing is: we are what we eat. I want what I need for substance to be of a life that I would have for myself…plant, animal, mineral.

    I honor my life by honoring their life and am grateful for it all.


    Elaines last blog post..Senate vote shows support for global warming

  4. Elaine – we absolutely are what we eat. And it’s sometimes frightening to be unsure of exactly what we ARE consuming! I can’t imagine adding an intolerance or resistance of some kind to the concern!

    Jenna – I’m SO happy you found this helpful! It’s hard to make drastic changes all of a sudden, but we can just start somewhere and that’s a step in the right direction!

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