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org consum assocTwo weeks ago I wrote an article about “Antibiotics in our Food Supply”.  I got some interesting emails as a result (after I addressed the fact that I had been accused of writing “fear based content”). Again, that’s never my intent, but anyhow… a reader also sent me a fact and a link.  This, too, is worthy of sharing.

“Today, 7 out of every 10 items on grocery stores shelves contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. In other words, scientists are using new technology to transfer the genes of one species to another, and these altered foods are in the market stream. And yet many scientists have concerns about the safety — to people, wildlife and the environment — of this process. That’s why consumers in Asia and Europe are demanding that their food be free of genetically modified ingredients.”

Take that however you’d like but I will say again and again that I hate my foods being “messed with”! (And now I will jump off my soapbox and just continue…) As for the link, it directed me to the Organic Consumers Association site.  I checked it out and it’s fantastic.organic food aisle

Whether you are want to join a campaign and take action, find green/organic products and services in your area, or just catch up on some green news, it’s a great resource… for everyone.

As the saying goes, “we are what we eat” and, although I am far from perfect, I prefer to remain “un-modified”! You?

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4 thoughts on “A resource for everyone who loves their organics

  1. I completely agree. I hate modified food and do what i can to eat fresh, organic and local. I can’t always do this but I make the effort. I am from portland and I am lucky to have some amazing choices. I realize not everyone has the same resources we have.

  2. I’m with you – I hat the idea of my food being messed with. What’s wrong with good old mother nature? I recently read an article that part of the reason so many people are now intolerant of gluten (different than Celiac’s) is because of genetic modification and something to do with the wheat now having more of the protein…I’ll look for the article, but see — all of these frankenfoods are not always harmless. It worries me.

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