A sentence speaking volumes

Yesterday I talked about my recent switch to Seventh Generation detergents. I haven’t changed my mind(!) but today something extra caught my eye. It’s written on all of the bottles. This “it” I’m referring to is an excerpt from The Great Law Of The Iroquoi Confederacy, and it is simply this:

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

I thought this was really profound. If more people could just adopt this way of thinking, the future would be a lot brighter. It’s not just about the impact our decisions have on today. It’s about what it means for our children, our grandchildren and every generation to follow.

I refuse to be part of the problem.

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"Going green" has always been a part of my daily life. It began, as a little girl, when I helped my mom gather the recyclables and deliver them to a recycling center. It continues today, as a mom myself, when I teach my own children those same responsible virtues.

There are so many more facets of going green in the modern day, and the definition of the term reaches far beyond simple recycling. But going green isn't just about installing solar panels on your rooftop... it's about all the little choices that make the biggest difference. From food choices, to cleaning your home, to saving money on your monthly utility bills and consumption; the choices are vast.

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3 thoughts on “A sentence speaking volumes

  1. I think the hardest part of going green is breaking old habits. Like reaching for the brand we have previously always chosen, and remembering to buy responsibly instead.

  2. Carol – I couldn’t agree more! Buying habits are hard to break and it takes time and, sometimes, some serious research to find the right replacement products. But every little step, every little change amounts to great strides in the right direction! You know what they say about Rome!… 🙂

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