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So, here I am. I joined the world of blogging. Something I thought I would never do. Not because I had a negative view, but because I never imagined I had anything passionate enough to talk about or an expertise that others would be interested in. I left a professional career in advertising a year after our daughter was born and have steered away from that chaotic world for the past nine years. Seven years ago, our son entered the world and my life has continued to focus on family and (trying) to give my kids and husband the best of me (although at times I imagine one or ALL of them would say “oh for pete’s sake…relax, would you!?”)

In this crazy life adventure of trying to raise a family and do the best I can by them, I have “accidentally” found another passion…trying to live as green as possible. I have “known” recycling my entire life. My mom was always an avid recycler. Even when being green wasn’t cool. She lovingly packed up the bottles, cans anfam picd newspapers and DROVE them to a recycling center 30 minutes across town. Clearly, she gave me my start.

In have had so many bizarre experiences when it comes to trying to be green. And that is how this all started. My husband reminded me that every other day I have a story about something that I experienced, something I read, something I learned or something that really pissed me off.

I’m not perfect. My life is far from being as green as I would like it to be. I make mistakes, and I’m trying to leave some selfish things behind (like those fabulous smelling laundry detergents!) but I’m trying…and I’m learning. I just want to leave this world knowing that I did all I could manage to do. I hope to teach my kids how to treat their planet, live better and choose products that are best for their own well-being and they have already started to embraced it…little sponges that they are. I hope to continue to teach them the right way. Only then will I feel like I have truly done my best job.

This blog is my journey…both the good and the bad (mistakes included).

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23 Eco-Friendly Ways To Save Money While You Save The Planet

"Going green" has always been a part of my daily life. It began, as a little girl, when I helped my mom gather the recyclables and deliver them to a recycling center. It continues today, as a mom myself, when I teach my own children those same responsible virtues.

There are so many more facets of going green in the modern day, and the definition of the term reaches far beyond simple recycling. But going green isn't just about installing solar panels on your rooftop... it's about all the little choices that make the biggest difference. From food choices, to cleaning your home, to saving money on your monthly utility bills and consumption; the choices are vast.

However, there is a popular misconception that "going green" will "cost you green." We're inundated with green products, eco-friendly formulas, organics and mountains of options, making it seem that going green is an investment rather than an opportunity.

Well, I'm here to help dispel that myth and actually show you all of the ways you can live green, keep your family healthy, and benefit the environment without sacrificing anything, including your money.

When you make wise choices to gain the most benefit, relieve the burden on the environment, and save money to use elsewhere, everyone wins. You've already taken the first step. You've come here for help to make it happen.

Put these tips into action, and you will soon find that you can "save green" while you "go green"!