Another (not so) funny story about my “tree obsession”…

CBR002294So, here we go… again.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that I don’t cut down trees, don’t like trees being cut down and detest when anyone needlessly DOES cut them down.  Unfortunately, we are squarely located between two families that looove to cut down trees.  And unfortunately, the other day was ANOTHER one of THOSE days.

Scenario: Me. My son.  Getting ready to take him to preschool.  Doorbell rings.  At my door, a man from a tree service.

Tree Killer: Hi, ma’am.  We need to cut down a large tree in your neighbor’s back yard and we wanted to ask if we can anchor to one of your trees for the removal.
Me: No.tree stmp
Tree Killer: No?
Me: No. I don’t want you to cut down the tree.
Tree Killer: Okay, well, the tree is coming down anyhow and your cooperation will really help us assure that it safely lands in the right place.
Me: No stopping it, huh?
Tree Killer: Umm, no.
Me: (few deep breaths, few moments of thought) Well, if you have to.  If it’s a safety issue, then I suppose.  But I swear, if you hurt my tree, my tree and I will sue you.
Tree Killer: (baffled look) I assure you, ma’am. Your trees will be fine.
Me: They better be.

Did that make me sound insane? Maybe. Did I care? No.  But really… can you imagine that court document:  Mom Goes Green & Mrs. Maple vs. Tree Killer.  Kind of funny to imagine? Well… yea!

But sincerely, I am that passionate about trees.  They serve so, so many purposes.  And I know some people may think I’m crazy, but too bad.  (Do you happen to know that trees can actually improve your life too?) Someone once sent me a comment (in response to an earlier “tree post”) that said maybe I should “worry about something important for a change”.  Well, buddy, trees are important.  Cut them all down and let’s just see what happens.  On second thought, that’s an experiment I don’t want to endorse.  It has disaster written all over it.

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5 thoughts on “Another (not so) funny story about my “tree obsession”…

  1. Depending on how they anchored to it, can’t they do serious damage to the health of your tree? Since I started cycling, I learned that even locking your bike to a tree can do damage to it (especially if it removes bark in the process).
    Tell them, for every tree they chop down, you’re planting a new on in your yard to replace it!

  2. You made me laugh out loud envisioning the look on the “Tree Killer’s” face. I’m with you it’s a very sad day every time a beautiful tree is cut down.

  3. Lisa @ Retro – thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one! 🙂

    Robert – oh, that information bothers me. They actually used what looked like a huge fabric belt and then they pulled from an area about 10 feet in front of my tree. Well, this is officially the last time I will ever say “okay”… although she doesn’t have a single tree left so it won’t likely be an issue. Maybe I should plant about 12 new trees about a foot from the property line as my answer to her “removals”! 🙂

    Lisa T – His look was pretty funny 🙂 … but the things was, it WAS a beautiful, tall, healthy tree. SO unnecessary!

    smilinggreenmom – Glad I made you smile 🙂 (it was a pretty funny exchange!) although every time I see that stump I can’t help but frown!!! 🙁

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