Are you keeping up with “The Greens”?

I’ve never been someone who loses sleep over “keeping up with the Joneses”… or “The Greens”, for that matter!  I’ve made that perfectly clear when I admitted that I have gnarly trees in my yard (that I refuse to cut down) and how 42-19599600my lawn is not nearly as pristine as the one next door since we’ve stopped chemically fertilizing and weed killing and refuse to clear our backyard of trees so the lawn can be greener!

But what if you WERE compared to your neighbors?  What if your utility company said you “weren’t being as green as your neighbors”?  What if you got a letter, with a frowning face, that said you were being wasteful?  GASP!  Who me?

As crazy as that sounds, it’s actually happening.  Utility companies in some cities, including Sacramento, CA, and Austin, MN, are sending homeowners assessments of their energy consusmiley-not-facemption that compare them to neighbors with like-sized homes and energy supplies.  If you rank lower than average, you get a “smiley face”… if not, a big “frowny face!”  And amazingly, it’s working.  They are actually seeing a reduction in energy use by those who receive a dreaded negative rating!

smiley-faceI really think I would go nuts if I found out my “tree chopping” neighbor consumed less energy than me.  Sure there are a lot of factors to consider, but still!… it lends itself to the whole psychology of being compared to someone else, and that just might light a bigger “green” fire under me! I would consider it a huge challenge to keep up with the “smiley face” neighbors!

So where do you think you would rate? Would you want to know?

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3 thoughts on “Are you keeping up with “The Greens”?

  1. Wow! I imagine it makes people feel like they are back in school waiting on the end of semester grades-geeesh! Ouch. Hey- if it works…why not! I tend to think that with all our weeds, we would get a smiley for groundskeeping (or lack of) and for sure we would get a big ol’ grin for our food choices. But…I think (according to my dh) that I would definitely get a frown for electricity and water. I can’t seem to make myself get out of a warm shower any faster…or to “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, HONEY”…but, I am trying and that is more than some…I think. 🙂
    Mom of 2 beautiful babes (one with a missing front tooth, the other *healed* from Eczema from his Zorbee probiotic – and ornery as can be!)

  2. marina – I can only imagine, but I applaud you for anything you manage to accomplish… everything helps!

    islander mom – It would be strange to know, but I would LOVE to know… I think we would be a smiley face (?) but you never know… I might be shocked to find out!!! 🙂

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