Bag it, baby!

We’re getting ready to head off to another kid birthday party… I imagine you can already feel me shuttering through the monitor with thoughts of the waste I’m about to encounter!

The birthday boy is in our daughter’s class, but I can’t say that I really know him and I had no idea what to buy… so we landed at Toys R Us, and the search began.

But while we were there, I made a great discovery. “Geoffrey” has taken a nice “giraffe” step in the right direction. There, in the front of the store, were the most adorable reusable bags. They were not shamelessly emblazoned with the Toys R Us logo. They were simply decorated with polka dots, stripes, flowers, solid colors, animal prints… plenty of cute, colorful patterns for any kid, of any age…even adults!

Best of all, they were only $1.49! I know I have said that gift bags are the best option, over wrapping paper, but I’m really rethinking that. I think about larger gifts and having spent $4.99 to buy one big enough for the gift and now, I can spend $1.49 and give the kid a bag that they can use to lug books from the library, tote toys to grandma’s, cart towels and snacks to the pool, haul overnight gear to a sleepover… very cool! And truly, they’re nice enough to use for anyone’s gift, not just kids. I really think I’m going to make a trip back there and pick up a bunch for all of my gift-giving.

Plus, I have a second discovery to share. A great line of fabric gift bags from Lagniappe Gift Wrap. They’re made by a fellow mom, they come in all kinds of themes and sizes, are made from natural fibers and tie at the top. They could be used for just about anything, but I think they give a beautiful, upscale feel to the gift, when a reusable bag just won’t do — and then they can be put to other uses afterward or simply passed on!  I even hear they’re going to start making treat bags soon… BONUS!  I don’t think I can stand buying another plastic treat bag.

(So, honey, when you buy me that beautiful new diamond for being such an awesome wife you can put it in a nice little jewel bag!…. hmm, was that too obvious? ) 

I just can’t take any more gift waste — so, whatever you do… bag it, tag it, tie it, give it… but just don’t “trash” it!

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4 thoughts on “Bag it, baby!

  1. Those bags from Toys R Us are adorable! And no merchandising on them, I can’t believe it. As for gift wrapping (not that these bags don’t make a great solution!), my son attended a Waldorf preschool, where we learned the tradition of wrapping a homemade gift in a scrap of fabric, tied with a scrap of ribbon or yarn. These packages were always so lovely and genuine that now we do this for all of our birthday parties. (Of course, they stick out like a sore thumb on the gift table, but I figure it’s only a matter of time until eco-friendly gift wrap is as “chic” as reusable grocery store bags!)

  2. Very cute!!! I want one but I just did monthly shopping and had bags left over so guess I really don’t need more, but they are so darn cute!

    My mom and I pass gift bags back and forth and most start out as bags we have gotten from stores (back in the day we didn’t use reusable bags). It’s kind of a running joke now.

    Lisas last blog post..Reusable Bags Could Save The World…

  3. Mara – They really are! And I love what you do for gift-wrapping! Thoughtful wrapping goes hand-in-hand with a thoughtful gift, right?

    Lisa – very cute and great for gift giving… I mean, $1.49? I would love to give one and get one too! (P.S. My mom and I ‘re-gift’ our gift bags to each other also…some are starting to look a bit frazzled too! 🙂

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