Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo….

I have this tremendously long list of words that I absolutely hate saying. Not because they are taboo words or have a bad connotation, but because they sound ridiculous when you SAY them. (Try sounding smart while you say the word “doily”… serious, it should be followed with a “duhhhh”!)

Okay, so this is just one of my little “issues”, but one word that I love to say is bamboo! Isn’t it just a fun word?!?!? But more than that, it is an amazing resource. I’m discovering more and more about this fabulous grass (yes, it’s a woody grass).

There are some incredible facts about bamboo, but I was amazed to learn that it is literally the fastest growing plant on earth – on average, six inches a day, but in some climates… 4 FEET in 24-hours! That is amazing. Plus, it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic, can be grown without herbicides and pesticides and is a critical element in the production of oxygen. It sounds like nature’s most environmental offering to all of us.

Bamboo products include: fabrics/clothing, furniture, building materials, flooring, housewares/tableware & utensils, medicine, paper, food… and the list goes on. And keep in mind these are really, really broad categories. I recently bought some kitchen towels made of bamboo and I think they’re great. They don’t get stinky and smelly, they dry faster than cotton towels and even hold more water. Add to it the anti-bacterial qualities and I think I’m in love!…

And get a load of this fact: “It is believed, if bamboo were planted on a mass basis, it could completely reverse the effects of global warming in just six years and provide a renewable source of food, building materials and erosion prevention.”  Wow.

My point is simply to say “give ‘bamboo’ a chance!” It’s readily renewable, sustainable and has a lot less impact on the environment.  

Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo…. what a smooth and (undeniably) environmental word… rolls off the tongue…. unless it’s turned into a doily (sheesh!).

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11 thoughts on “Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo….

  1. I have been looking into buying bamboo things for our home too — sheets, towels, etc. I’m waiting until we can no longer use what we have (as it’s kind of pricey, but well worth it!) However, I am learning to knit and using bamboo needles and cannot wait to get a little better at it, so I can start to buy bamboo yarn! Just think of the possibilities! 🙂

    Frannies last blog post..A Great Green Resource in Your Neighborhood

  2. Frannie – I completely agree… wouldn’t it be just ridiculous to toss what we have just for the sake of buying new! Of course they could be donated, but I am ‘all for’ replacing when things need to be replaced and then making wiser choices. … and I would like to sign-up for a bamboo scarf, please! (It’s cold out there!)

  3. Doreen,

    Not only is bamboo fast growing (and yes, it can grow in Ohio), but it grows in Las Vegas of all places. My husband and I are landscape architects. When we lived in Las Vegas, we were surprised to learn how evasive bamboo can be. Even in Las Vegas, it is important to plan carefully where you want your bamboo. Sometimes, the only way to keep it contained is to create root barriers and plant it in a planter that has distinct edges (concrete works well, though it must be deep and thick). If you’re really going green with your bamboo, you should plan on it growing, and going, where it wants (and pray that if you have neighbors, that they like bamboo as well)! 🙂

  4. katrina – thanks for the warning! I’m not sure I’ll plant my Ohio bamboo farm just yet, but I’ll certainly keep buying bamboo products for now! 🙂

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  7. I too love bamboo, such a wonderful natural wood grain and it makes such soft linens. I just read something disturbing though with regard to bamboo linens. One source I just read says that in most cases bamboo used in linens is actually a man made rayon which is very environmentally unfriendly. (Here was the blog post: ) I’ll have to look into it more but it kinda took the joy out of my love for bamboo. That and it can be an invasive species if the wrong type is planted. 🙁

    Still for other non fabric uses Bamboo is still one of my favorites – a very beautiful “wood”
    .-= Earth Friendly Bamboo´s last blog ..Simply Sexy Terra Verde Bamboo Cutting Board =-.

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