Battling my own peeps

One of my greatest frustrations is when I feel like I’m fighting the green battle against people I feel a bond with.  Whether it’s family, friends or groups I associate with, it can be really difficult to be the wave maker… well, I’m about to battle… enter: waves!

Our daughter brought home a letter from school that announced a special school program focusing on proper nutrition and making healthy food choices.  Sounded like a great program to me!  They’re setting aside a day where students can sample healthy foods and snacks. Still, a big thumbs up!

Then, I got to the part that asked for parent participation.  They asked for volunteers to send in apples (okay!), granola bars (can do!) or bottled water (no!  Say it isn’t so!)

So, while we’re teaching 400 kids about eating properly, we can give them a chaser of BPA laced water and bottles that will go into the school’s trash cans and create our very own space in a landfill.  Augh, I think I’m going to scream.

Now (since I am the Recycling/Environmental Programs Chair)  I get to contact all those in charge and ask “why” and “what can we do?”  I hate these confrontations, but I have to do it.  I’m expecting that “convenience” is the reason, so I will probably have to be content with the idea of pushing for a special bottle receptacle.  Sadly, we don’t have a plastics recycling program in the school.  It’s something I’m working for, but we aren’t there yet.  (You wouldn’t believe what it takes to get something so simple in place).

So, as I sit here, I’m preparing my approach to people that are trying to teach the right nutritional choices, but using bad environmental choices.  I have no idea how this is going to end up, but I don’t like where it’s starting!

I can see it now… Wednesday recycling pick-up is going to be crazy at my house after I lug 400 plastic bottles home and they later come flying out of my recycling can… and my neighbor’s…and the neighbor’s next to them….

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5 thoughts on “Battling my own peeps

  1. OK sister, I am on board with you so far. I can’t stand when people want to start half a good thing. If you want healthy choices then go the distance. They put all this time and effort into planning the fruit, and snacks I don’t get the bottle water issue. First you may want to ask, do they have a sink in the room what would it take to have a filter on the tap to give them clean water? Why not have re-usable bottles? I bet there are companies that would supply them if they were asked, madam chair person.

    Now, if they have to have bottled water, I bet the kids would have a great time crushing their own bottles. All these kids know about saving the environment. Have some recycled ribbon and have them tie the ribbon around the crushed bottle and take it home to mom and dad so they can put it in their own blue bin, to show how responsible they can be. I think you might be on to something.

  2. Oh no! I often wonder how this can be stopped for organized sporting events and school events. I am tasked this weekend with providing snacks and drinks for my son’s soccer team (they are a bunch of 3-5 year olds) and the idea of bringing bottled water pains me too. I might bring a big pitcher of water and disposable cups, which goes against my grain too, but I guess it’s the lesser of two evils.

    Good luck with this battle. It does stink the idea of having to battle your own peeps on this one!


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  3. It really is frustrating when you see situations that will inevitably lead to a landfill drop. Education is still the key here, because sometimes people just don’t think through the whole process. Even more frustrating is when people know, but just won’t choose to do the right thing. I applaud you for not “going along with the crowd” on this one.

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  4. Matt – great ideas, Mister! Ahh, you’re thinking like a green PTA mom now! I’ll follow-up on this soon!

    OneGreenMommy – sometimes our only choice may be the lesser of multiple evils, but the better choice is just that — the BETTER choice! A large container of water and paper cups is always better than a ton of bottles. Just don’t use styrofoam!…AUGH!

    The Green Psychotherapist – Thanks! I really think they will make the better choice…I will update you!

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