BPA in my Sigg bottle!?!?…enough that the CEO apologizes!

THAT is a question I never thought I would have to ask myself, but surprise… I’m now asking myself that exact question.

I originally became the proud owner of a Sigg bottle on Mother’s Day, as one of my only requests. I have been proudly sporting my Sigg for almost sigg-bottles1a year and a half now. It seemed only logical that I should have one since I’ve made no secret about my dislike for bottled water, for both the trash they create as well as the risk factors associated with BPA.

Now the brand that I always thought I could trust has let me down… waaaay down!  There has been some question as to whether or not the “older version” Sigg bottles (manufactured before August 2008) are actually 100% BPA-free.  There have been scientific studies and disputes and measures that go way over my head, but the fact of the matter is, there is no undeniably reliable answer.  It seems the tricky part is that, while they contain some BPA, studies show that it does not leach into the water.

Sigg has released statements reassuring their customers that their bottles are safe, yet what I find bothersome is that they have actually changed the liner of their bottles in the past 12 months.  I understand that products are ever evolving, but this kind of smells to me, especially if they touted themselves as having the best product on the market.

Now the CEO is apologizing.  Seems, yes… BPA is in my Sigg.

When I looked at the lining comparisons on their site, I was disappointed to find that my bottle does have the old lining.  So how do I continue to use my old Sigg?  Well, I don’t.sigg-liner

Fortunately, they are offering an exchange program where you can return your old Sigg and get a new one (with an EcoCare liner!) for only the cost of shipping it back or (soon) you can simply exchange it at a retailer.  Am I going to take advantage of this?  You bet I am.

Have I lost confidence in Sigg?  Yea, I guess I have somewhat.  It’s like an old trusted friend that tells a lie… or stretches the truth a bit too far, and that’s what they did.  Will I give them another chance.  I guess I will.  Is that crazy?

The reality is that any stainless steel or aluminum bottle is undoubtedly better than the mountains of plastic water bottles that are consumed daily.  They create less trash and have A LOT less BPA.  If you’re interested, other alternatives I recommend include Klean Kanteens or CynerGreen bottles.

Today I must pack my Mother’s Day gift and send her back.  Sorry.  You have a lot of lovely dents and scratches to commemorate the places we’ve been, but I bid you a fond farewell… just in case.

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8 thoughts on “BPA in my Sigg bottle!?!?…enough that the CEO apologizes!

  1. All of ours have the old lining too. I bought them in 2006 from the SIGG website before they were in every Whole Foods and health food store! Even my child’s 2 bottles have the old BPA liner, even though it was purchased in 2008 (stock that hadn’t moved yet, I guess). Unfortunately our bottles are on a ship to the UK (we’re moving) and I can’t send them back yet.

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  3. PureMothers – hopefully by the time you reunite with your bottles the retail exchange program will be in place and you can exchange them all! Good luck in the UK too!

  4. I had just heard about this as well, such a disappointment. I had thought all our Siggs were purchased after August 2008 but I’ll have to check the liners now to make sure. I hadn’t heard about the in-store exchange though when is “soon” is that in effect yet?

    (I’m glad I found your blog by the way – seems every post relates to me or what I’ve been writing about recently 🙂 )
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog ..I Have a Probiotic Flora Farm in my Tummy =-.

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