Simple tip: aluminum blinds are wise window treatments!

alum blindzSo lately I’ve been hitting some serious topics… toxic mattresses and destructive palm oil (yikes!).

Today, we’re going to keep it nice and simple… as simple as this…

Did you know that purchasing aluminum mini blinds for your home is a wise environmental choice? The fact of the matter is that many manufacturers like Levolor and Hunter Douglas are using recycled aluminum to make their mini blinds… about 90-95% recycled content actually!

And the beauty of it all is when you need to replace them… they can be recycled too! A few snips of the strings and you’ll be loading slat after slat into your recycling can instead of your trash can.

See… nice and simple.  Aluminum blinds ARE wise window treatments!

An “a-ha” moment

I can’t believe what I almost did. Going green rule #1…recycling. It’s one of the easiest things to do, since the trash has to go out anyhow. Just sort it (if your community requires that) and throw it in your recycling can (like we’re fortunate enough to have in our city).

The thing is, I bought new blinds for our bedroom and bathroom, and after I replaced the old with the new, I hovered over the garbage can thinking “well, how should I put these in the can?” Problem was, I was hovering over the GARBAGE, not the RECYCLING…as I stood there with two armloads of aluminum. Aluminum! How could I forget, but I nearly did. All it took was a few snips of string on each set and I was peeling away slat after slat and loading the recycling can. When all was said and done, there was very little that had to go into the trash, but I was amazed at myself that the trash can was almost where all of it went. I’m glad my brain finally kicked in.

I also learned that manufacturers like Levolor, Hunter Douglas and Kirsch are making their miniblinds with 70% to 95% recycled aluminum contents. Well, bravo! I honestly didn’t realize that aluminum miniblinds were such an environmentally responsible choice.

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