MGG Giveaway Day 2: “Mild by Nature” for Baby!

mbn-logo(This giveaway is now closed for entries… see “comments” for the winner!)

You got it, baby!… this one is for baby (and peace of mind for mommy and daddy too!)

It’s been a few years since either of my babies were actually babies but I certainly still take extra care in making sure their bath and body products meet my standards! You would be shocked (SHOCKED!) to know what’s contained in some of the better-known commercial products too.  Quite honestly, it’s awful…

But, not these products, my friends!  Mild by Nature has a fantastic line of Shampoo & Body Washes, Hair Conditioner, Everyday Lotion (scented and unscented), Bubble Bath and Bitty Bottom Cream. They literally take care of your baby from head to toe.  Okay, truth be told, they’re great for anyone, including my  6- and 9-year old “babies” and I’m considering arm-wrestling one (or both) of them for the Everyday Lotion!mbn prod

The great thing about these products is their on-going  commitment to using only the best ingredients.  They like to say that their products contain NO “No-No’s”: No sulfates, parabens, dyes, animal testing or animal ingredients.  They DO contain natural and naturally-derived ingredients including beneficial oils and extracts that smell amazing.   I especially like that they cross-reference information and data about all of their ingredients to make sure they give us only the very best products.  Impressive, right?…

… and you want to try them out, don’t you? How about one of each product then… just leave a comment here saying who you’d like to win these for (you CAN say yourself!), or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. Facebook friends can also leave a comment to be entered. The winner will be randomly selected on October 18! (U.S. entries only… sorry.)

So there you have it, baby… another chance to win!

MGG Giveaway Day 1: Beecology could “bee” all yours!

beecolgy lgo(This giveaway is now closed for entries… see “comments” for the winner!)

Yes, that cliché use of the word “bee” is referring to exactly what you’d think… those amazing little creatures we rely upon to pollinate a substantial portion of our food supply. My husband swears by bee pollen, in fact.  He takes a dose each and every day by way of JOEBEES, for nutrition and energy.

Aside from the pollination work of our busy bees, they also provide fabulous honey… and Beecology has formulated some amazing body products just for us. Everyone will love these body washes, hand and body creams and lip balms.  Everything is paraben- and preservative-free, but chock full of renewable, sustainable ingredients that nature provides!

Not only are Beecology’s products great but they’re also “pollinating society with charity”! 10% of the profits from the sale of their products will be donated to the charity of your choice.  (See why I like them!?) You can GET some great products and GIVE to a great cause!beecolgy

I think you should check them out now… but, is anyone interested in winning some products?  How about three Body Washes in all three scents (peppermint, grapefruit & lemongrass, and lavender w/bergamot!), an Original Honey Hand & Body Cream and two Beeswax Lip Balms?!?!

YES, you say?  Well then, just leave a comment here saying you’d like to win, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. Facebook friends can also leave a comment to be entered. The winner will be randomly selected on October 12! (U.S. entries only… sorry.)

Now, shoo!… go check them out & enter to win… you’ll BEE happy you did! (Sorry, I just had to!)

Stressed? Natural ways for a Green Mom to shake the blues!

CB060663Mom Goes Green is always sharing ways to try to improve the things around you… your family’s daily life, your home, your community, our planet.  But what about you? What’s a stressed-out and tired Green Mom to do?

Well, this weekend is a long holiday weekend for many of us.  Why not take time for YOU (for a change!)? Here are three simple ways (with relatively earth-friendly twists) to naturally rejuvenate and leave the stress behind (even if only for a night!):

  • Go ahead and splurge – take a bath and add some natural and organic bath salts.  Studies show that the salts increase prolactin levels by up to a third and help in relaxation!
  • Grab a cup of hot organic coffee or tea – it can actually trigger psychological warmth and pleasant feelings, even after only holding it for 10 seconds!  For a natural antidepressant, add a nice spice… cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, you choose.
  • Turn off the TV and read – stimulating your mind actually creates happiness.  To be eco-friendly, borrow books from the library or a friend, make your purchase at a used book store or, for the avid reader, buy a Kindle or Nook.

There you have it… simple steps… and what it takes for a stressed Green Mom to shake the blues!

10 things you overlooked to “go green” in your bathroom

bth room 2Everyone knows the standard list of ways to go green in the bathroom (and I’m not talking about all of those green beers you’re planning to drink next week for St. Patrick’s Day!).  I’m talking about turning off the water while you brush your teeth, low-flow shower heads, water efficient toilets, chemical-free cleaners, short showers and low-volume baths… okay, you’ve heard them all, but what about those little things you overlook?

Think there aren’t any?  Well, think again… here are some things you may have missed:

  • Soap – choose bar soaps over liquid shower gels and avoid excess plastic packaging. Although many of the bottles are recyclable, the caps often aren’t.
  • Cosmetic foundations & eyeliners – choose foundation sold in glass bottles or jars over those in plastic tubes and containers so they can be recycled. Choose wooden pencil eyeliners over plastic tubes too.grn soap
  • Shampoos – (if you must use a conditioner) choose a 2-in-1 product where the shampoo and conditioner are combined.  You will use one less container but also shorten your shower by skipping an extra step.
  • Razors – choose a refillable razor versus disposables.  Plastic razors simply become needless trash.
  • Toilet paper – choose recycled content toilet paper… a simple choice.
  • Q-tips – choose those with a paper spindle instead of plastic… plain and simple also.
  • Towels – choose bamboo options.  They’re soft, snuggly and (most important) sustainable!  Organic cotton towels are another great choice.
  • Greywater – Add a bucket in the shower with you and capture it!  Showers actually account for over a quarter of a home’s typical water usage, and there are plenty of uses for this greywater.
  • Shower curtins – avoid the additional plastic liner.  Instead choose a curtain that is waterproofed on the inside without the plastic.

Now, what you consume on St. Patrick’s Day is all your own business, but with these tips you can “go green” in the bathroom the more natural way!

Did you “Unroll your Imagination” and win $$$ ?!?!

WC 1I sure hope you entered the White Cloud GreenEarth “Imagination Unrolled” contest, because today a few families have a lot of extra cash in their pocket!  I would love to know if one of the winners is a Mom Goes Green reader (and I won’t even ask for a commission or “finders fee”, I promise!).

You might recall that the contest encouraged you and/or your children to let your creativity flow and put together a craft project using toilet paper and paper towel tubes, the packaging and/or the product!  The grand prize winner received $1000(!) and two runners-up received $500 each!  The winners are WC 2shown here and I hope one of them is yours!

Even if you didn’t enter you can still visit and get ideas for making some fantastic crafts that would make the perfect holiday gift for someone special.  It’s amazing what you can do with some tubes and an active imagination!

It’s also an appropriate time to add that the average household output of trash actually increases by 25% between ThanksWC 3giving and New Year’s (yikes!) so you should be sure to visit your local Walmart and pick up some White Cloud GreenEarth toilet paper (bath tissue!).  Remember that White Cloud GreenEarth is always made from 100% post consumer fibers so hopefully, while you keep your holiday trash volume at a minimum, GreenEarth can help offset some of the other waste that happens this time of year!

I’ve included a coupon so you can keep a little extra cash in your pocket too… we could all use a little savings right now, couldn’t we?

(Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger.  While I am compensated for my time, my opinions are entirely my own.  White Cloud neither directs nor edits my posts, comments, views or opinions.)