MGG goes to the ER …!

emergncyNo kidding.  Mom Goes Green went to the ER.

Long story short… it started with an “Ugh-oh… what is happening to my vision?… Ugh-oh… wow, now speaking is becoming an issue” kinda-thing.  (No, I wasn’t drinking too many cocktails, it was actually some crazy migraine thing that created quite a frightening set of side effects … but ANYHOW…. I need to tell my amusing part of the story!!!…)

During the “50-question-how-did-you-get-here” portion of the evening I was asked the typical questions that delve into your lifestyle: Drinking? (socially) Smoking? (not any more) Drug abuse… prescription or recreational… ?!?!  Well, you would have thought they asked me if I was willing to eat my young(!) because my response was, well, a bit over the top!

It sounded a little bit like this?:

Drugs?  God NO! Are you kidding me?  I eat all organic food. I won’t even eat FOODS that do drugs! Disgusting.  Really.  I’m all organic, no steroids, no growth hormones and all that junk.  Do you have any idea how bad it is for you??? So drugs, for me?  Yea, no… not even in my FOOD, my man!” (His blank look was priceless.)drug tom

It’s kind of funny how my love for organics came bursting through, even in the most bizarre moment.  I guess I am, and will always be, Mom Goes Green… the funny thing is, that dialogue probably made me sounds like I WAS on drugs, didn’t it?

Oh well… I am Mom Goes Green… at home, in the market, on the go and I guess… in the ER too!

The “Toxic 10”… everyday products you should avoid

toxcWhen making the decision to “go green” the list of “should nots” is equally as important as the “shoulds”…

I’ve posted this list before, but with the amount of questions I’ve been getting recently, it’s worthy of a refresher course.  This list originally came from Healthy Child Healthy World and includes the top 10 toxic products that you DON’T need in your home. Without further ado, start checking the checklist!:

  • Air fresheners – they’re full of chemicals, synthetic fragrances and even anesthetics that can be inhaled into our lungs! (All you really need is some essential oils & water in a sprayer bottle!)
  • Bottled water – this water is no less contaminated (and sometimes MORE contaminated) than your tap water… add the BPA content of the plastic bottles and they are simply bad news. (Reusable stainless steel bottles are the only choice.)plastic bottle
  • Canned goods – their epoxy resin linings often contain BPA, linked to hormone disruption, heart disease and obesity. (Buy fresh, organic and/or join a CSA.)
  • Couch cushions – avoid anything containing foam that says it meets California TB 117 because they contain toxic fire retardants (like those horrible mattresses!  Remember, there ARE better choices.)  Those chemicals are linked to cancer, birth defects, and thyroid, reproductive and neurological disorders.
  • Drain, oven and toilet bowl cleaners – they contain lye and acids that can burn skins, eyes and internal tissues. (A homemade cleaner of vinegar and a few simple ingredients can do the job just as well.)
  • Dry cleaned clothes – even though the chemical perchloroethylene (or perc) is applied elsewhere, it is linked to a number of cancers and even bringing home those clothes (and wearing them!) dramatically increases your exposure. (Choose a “green” dry cleaner or simply avoid “dry clean only” clothing.)
  • Oil-based paints and finishes – they can contain up to 300 toxic chemicals and 150 carcinogens … enough said. (Okay… a few more words: choose no-VOC paints and finishes only.)pain't cns
  • Perfume and cologne – one formulation can contain literally hundreds of chemicals that can absorb through the skin and accumulate in the bodies. (Again, just an essential oil is fantastic!)
  • Pesticides – these chemical poisons linger and contaminate the air and undoubtedly get dragged into our homes. (Take off those shoes in your house!)
  • Rubber duckies! – okay, more than rubber duckies… ANYTHING that contains PVC or vinyl.  They can leach phthalates (linked to hormone distruption) and lead (a potent neurotoxicant).

Please check out Healthy Child Healthy World’s original post for more great information on all of these “toxic 10”, as well as other important suggestions for substituting better options…

So, how many are still in or around your home?… I’ll bet you’re about to change that, aren’t you?!?

Earth Day 2011… 20 ways to “do something”!

Today, April 22, 2011, marks the 41th Anniversary of Earth Day!!! (Yes!… this is our major holiday, fellow “greenies!”)

Earth Day was created in 1970 as a way to remind us to appreciate nature and this amazing planet we live on, and learn how to protect our environment and all of its inhabitants. (Did you know:) while it is celebrated in the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it is actually observed in the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere (both days being the exact “middle point” of the season). Ahh… Earth Day trivia!

This year, find a way to celebrate! Take notice of all that we HAVE to celebrate and no matter how small and insignificant your actions may seem, they matter… they add up… they make a difference…

Take action, talk about it, MAKE a difference… EVERY day should be Earth Day!

I LOVE being an Eco-Friendly Mom!

earth in handsTruly, I love what I do.  I love writing this blog. I love sharing ideas and information. I love when I feel as though I’ve made a difference.

Today, especially, I feel incredibly accomplished.

(If you don’t mind me sharing for a moment…) It started yesterday with collecting drink pouches for the Drink Pouch Brigade at our children’s school.  I loved seeing all the kids arrive with bags filled with empty drink pouches so we could turn them over to Terracycle for some fantastic upcycling.

In the afternoon I was able to answer some questions from readers and, although the communication was one-on-one, I know I “helped” and that felt good.Think Green

Then that evening, I helped our daughter’s Girl Scout/Brownies Troop make some Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner so they could work toward earning their Eco-Badge.  We gave them the recipe and even cut up old t-shirts to make cleaning rags!  We spent some more time looking through National Geographic Kids “Human Footprint” and talking about recycling, reusing, reducing and repurposing. Seeing them grasp the concept of the impact we all have on the planet and the simple things we can do to make a difference was wonderful… and amazing… and humbling.  Afterall, they are the next generation following in our “footprint” (that we hope they’ll make even smaller and smaller!).

And finally, I am thrilled… THRILLED(!) to have been nominated as a Top 25 Eco-Friendly Mom by Circle of Moms.  My readers, followers and subscribers have been so amazingly supportive and, again, I am humbled.

I truly love what I do. I hope to make a difference and, today especially, it appears that I have.

circ of momsIf you love what I do also and would like to share a “click” of support, I’m not above asking for your vote of approval.  Just click here, cast your vote, and let them know.

I’m so very honored by this recognition and yes … again … I truly love what I do and I appreciate everyone who’s on this journey with me!

Thank you!  xoxo – Mom Goes Green

Giveaway: National Geographic Kids “Human Footprint”

plastic bottleIt’s sometimes a difficult task to get kids to grasp the concept of what their daily life essentially means for our planet.

While you can try to explain what their “footprint” means, it can get lost in translation… and the impact of their impact fails to make an impression at all.

Well, what if they heard (and SAW) things like this:

  • You’ll drink 13,056 pints of milk in your lifetimeHuman Ftprnt
  • You’ll eat 14,518 candy bars in your lifetime
  • You’ll spend $52,972 on clothes in your lifetime
  • You and your fellow American throw away 694 plastic bottles each second!

Thanks to National Geographic Kids, you can now tell and SHOW them these facts. Human Footprint puts into perspective everything they will eat, use, wear, buy and THROW OUT in their lifetime, with astonishing photos to make it real.  It also shares great tips to help them lessen their impact on the planet.

I happen to have TWO copies I would love to share with you and your kids.  Interested in a fun lesson?  YES? Then just leave a comment here saying you’d like to win, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. Facebook friends can also leave a comment to be entered. The winners will be randomly selected on March 22! (U.S. entries only… sorry!)

I’ve shared my own list of ways to raise eco-friendly kids and getting a copy of this book was just added to that list!