MGG Giveaway Day 3: “Glass Dharma” for ‘green karma’!

glss dhrma logo(This giveaway is now closed for entries… see “comments” for the winner!)

It’s time for another giveaway, friends!… but you may be asking yourself “What is Glass Dharma?” and how will it give me ‘green karma”… well, let me tell you!

Glass Dharma makes the original glass straw.  How many straws do you and your family go through in a year? Plenty, I would imagine.  Whether you do or don’t have kids, there seem to be straws in every shape and size shoved at us everywhere we turn. And let’s face it, straws can be fun!glss dhrma glass

But not only do we toss those plastic things in the trash, many of us also worry about the plastic that leaches into whatever we’re drinking.  Luckily Glass Dharma makes glass straws in all shapes, sizes and designs so you never have to go down that road again.  They’re sustainable, reusable, durable, easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks.  PLUS they come with a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage… if it breaks, they replace it!

Let me tell you about what’s up for grabs!  How about four of them???  Your winnings would include a 9.5mm Green Decorative Dot straw (with a hemp sleeve, to take it on the road with you!), a 9.5mm Beautiful Bends straw, a 7mm Amber Decorative Dot straw, AND a 12mm Simple straw (great for sippin’ a smoothie!).  Oh yea, and let me throw in two sizes of cleaning brushes too!

glss dhrmaIf you want to experience some Glass Dharma karma, just leave a comment here saying you’d like to win, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. Facebook friends can also leave a comment to be entered. The winner will be randomly selected on October 28! (U.S. entries only… sorry.)

Check them out, enter to win… and “sip on”!…

What happened to Mom Goes Green???

Kuk famFirst of all, I haven’t given up the mission… contrary to how it seems, I am not buried underneath an unforgiving pile of recycleables, I didn’t trip on a barrel of distilled white vinegar and inflict an ongoing bout of amnesia on myself, nor have I decided to give up my title of Mom Goes Green.  I did, however, decide that I needed just a bit more of a break.

Maybe it was my spring trip to the ER that made me decide I needed to take some more “me time”. Perhaps it was also a tad of sadness before sending my kids back to school and wanting to make the most of our last weeks of summer.  Or maybe (quite possibly) it was because I have never taken a break over the three+ years of writing this blog… all of that made me say to myself: “Self, you NEED to take a real break!”

So, I did.  I will now (and I do mean it this time!) be back to my regular posting. I’m sure each of you can relate to the need for giving yourself some simple time… thank you for sticking around for my return!

xoxo, Mom Goes Green

Vacation and a “green bravo” to the OBX!

HJ OBX DunesI’m FINALLY back… Mom Goes Green just returned from a summer hiatus and a nice, long vacation at the OBX with my amazing family! We already miss the fresh ocean air every morning, noon and night.  We experienced it all again this year… from dunes to surf, and sun to moon…

You probably already know that I didn’t leave my green principals behind. We conserved, we recycled and we simply enjoyed the purity of a beautiful environment.

Once again, after evaluating our trip, I feel no guilt.  We were honestly conscious not to be wasteful. We made sure not to waste energy or over-consume — from turning off lights to waiting for a full dishwasher — and even purchased all of our usual organic food and earth-friendly products.OBX JBeach

We recycled absolutely everything too. I am proud to say that, over the course of the entire vacation, we created only one small bag of trash… but the amount of recycling was certainly more substantial.  Unlike last year (when my husband delivered our recyclables to the local recycling center!) we were fortunate enough to discover some recycling cans right outside of our condo.  Yes, this was a relief for my husband and quite different than our Myrtle Beach vacation a number of years ago!

I also need to offer some green applause to a community that is wise enough to not only protect the natural sand dunes on the beach but also provide cans for recyclables.  This is a view from our condo deck.  See those two cans with the OBX cansyellow lids? … yes, recycling cans.  And the one small blue can? … yep, that’s for trash.  But I think it’s very telling that there is more than twice as much capacity for recyclables than there is for trash. They acknowledge that there’s PLENTY that can be recycled and DOESN’T need to become trash.

The point is, no matter where we are, we CAN “tread lightly”.  At home, on vacation, in everyday life, everywhere. There’s always an option, there’s always a choice.  Make the right choice.

Mom Goes Green is THREE YEARS OLD!!!

3rd BDYes, MGG is THREE YEARS OLD! Three years. 430 posts.

I always knew I was long-winded but I never realized  that I would have sooo much to say… or at least not enough to keep me going for three years.

It might come easy for some but, for me… nope, not always!  I’m an over-thinker and oh, for pete’s sake, sometimes I really make myself a little crazy!  (In fact, I think I’m over-thinking this post RIGHT NOW!). 🙂

So… let’s see.  What has been part of the Mom Goes Green journey this year? (time to insert that dizzying dream visual here!)

In my journey as Mom Goes Green I’ve:

Yes… it’s my journey.  And I love it.

And I have appreciated absolutely everyone who’s taken time out of their life to read Mom Goes Green and give some consideration to all the things I’ve shared.

Thank you for joining the journey.  With love and appreciation – Mom Goes Green

I LOVE being an Eco-Friendly Mom!

earth in handsTruly, I love what I do.  I love writing this blog. I love sharing ideas and information. I love when I feel as though I’ve made a difference.

Today, especially, I feel incredibly accomplished.

(If you don’t mind me sharing for a moment…) It started yesterday with collecting drink pouches for the Drink Pouch Brigade at our children’s school.  I loved seeing all the kids arrive with bags filled with empty drink pouches so we could turn them over to Terracycle for some fantastic upcycling.

In the afternoon I was able to answer some questions from readers and, although the communication was one-on-one, I know I “helped” and that felt good.Think Green

Then that evening, I helped our daughter’s Girl Scout/Brownies Troop make some Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner so they could work toward earning their Eco-Badge.  We gave them the recipe and even cut up old t-shirts to make cleaning rags!  We spent some more time looking through National Geographic Kids “Human Footprint” and talking about recycling, reusing, reducing and repurposing. Seeing them grasp the concept of the impact we all have on the planet and the simple things we can do to make a difference was wonderful… and amazing… and humbling.  Afterall, they are the next generation following in our “footprint” (that we hope they’ll make even smaller and smaller!).

And finally, I am thrilled… THRILLED(!) to have been nominated as a Top 25 Eco-Friendly Mom by Circle of Moms.  My readers, followers and subscribers have been so amazingly supportive and, again, I am humbled.

I truly love what I do. I hope to make a difference and, today especially, it appears that I have.

circ of momsIf you love what I do also and would like to share a “click” of support, I’m not above asking for your vote of approval.  Just click here, cast your vote, and let them know.

I’m so very honored by this recognition and yes … again … I truly love what I do and I appreciate everyone who’s on this journey with me!

Thank you!  xoxo – Mom Goes Green