See “The Cove”… and take part…

My love of dolphins has been lifelong. I don’t remember when it started, but I know it has never ended.

I do remember visiting Sea World and coming home with a dolphin mobile that hung over my bed from the time I was 5 until I headed off to college.  There is something dreamy, graceful and mesmerizing about these animals and their extreme intelligence is without question.

So when I heard about the documentary “The Cove” I was caught between that feeling of “I must see this” and “oh, I don’t want to see this…”  Well, I watched it… and it is absolutely haunting.

Richard O’Barry, Louie Psihoyos and their team uncover the killing of these beautiful and intelligent animals in a closely guarded and shielded cove in Taiji, Japan.  Each day, they are driven into the cove where the most visually-appealing dolphins are selected and sold to marine and aquatic parks, and the others are brutally and inhumanely slaughtered for their meat (meat that is passed off as expensive whale meat and sold for a premium price, and because of dolphins’ place in the food chain, contains extraordinary levels of mercury).  Take a look…

There are so many points of this story that just sicken me.  From the capture of these animals to turn them into “entertainers”, to the inhuman killings, to feeding unknowing consumers and school children(!) toxic food… it’s despicable.

As pointed out by the film, the 70’s had a massive movement to “Save the Whales”… now is the time to “Save the Dolphins”

Please take time to see this documentary.

And if you’re like me and you want to do something, please go to TakePart… and help us make a change and stop the killing…

In the aftermath of the earthquake… help Haiti…

haiti quakeTuesday evening we were all reminded about the true instability of our planet. When she decides to release some fury, it can have catastrophic consequences.

My heart is absolutely breaking for the people of Haiti.  They were already living with such suffering and struggle in their daily lives and now to have what little they possess destroyed and literally topple around them is just inconceivable.

It is believed that this earthquake has directly affected up to three million people… one third of the country.  The situation is absolutely dire.  The death-toll is expected to reach 200,000.  And sadly, we may never know the true magnitude and number of precious lives lost… there is a cohaiti bldgsmplete loss of human dignity because the bodies are being deposited into dump trucks, never identified by their loving families and hauled away. Truly devastating.

The need that exists is unimaginable.  Medical attention, food, water, shelter… even those who survived this catastrophe are in jeopardy if they don’t receive antibiotics for even mild injuries.

Today, please commit to helping in the rescue and relief efforts…

  • Text “Haiti” to “90999” to make a simple $10 donation to the Red Cross  haiti child

If you can do more, please donate directly to:

All are currently in Haiti… helping our fellow citizens of the world who so desperately need our help.

The devastation is unbelievable.  The need is immense.  Please help.