Happy Thanks “greening”!

Actually… HaPPy THaNKSGiViNG everyone!

But, today I do ask all of us to remember to give thanks for this amazing planet we live on too.

As we indulge, on an over-indulgent holiday, let’s remember to keep reusing, reducing and recycling a part of our day as well.  As noted by Treehugger, the average American output of trash increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  Sheesh.

Hopefully, lots of what we will consume comes from the earth, so give thanks.

And also, just as important, give thanks for everyone around you.  I hope you feel blessed… I sure do.

xoxo, MomGoesGreen

An “11th Hour” kick in the gut

Have you ever watched a movie that felt so real, it kind of left you feeling dizzy when it was all over?

Well, we just watched a movie that left me feeling like I was in a tornado… and the worst part?  — it was real.

The movie is called “The 11th Hour.”  It’s all about global warming, sustainability and the environment, and it spews out some serious, hardcore facts that come from scientists, environmentalists and all kinds of big-brained people.

Truth be told, it disturbed me because it really laid out how critical the climate crisis has become.  I almost didn’t want to watch because it felt so out-of-control and upsetting (because there’s only so much I can personally do to change things).

One of the things that really hit me was the realization that people rally around the fact that they want to “Save the Earth” when in reality, it’s not about saving the earth…it’s about saving ourselves.  The earth will survive…WE are the ones in jeopardy.  If we turn our planet into a place that’s uninhabitable, we’re simply risking our own existence.  Sheesh. That gave me chills all over again.

As one expert pointed out –  99.9999% of life that has existed on earth has become extinct.  It really IS a frightening prospect.  And pretty profound when you think about it that way.  I wish I could talk to everyone who thinks global warming is a hoax and beg them to open their minds.

The bright side is that they didn’t conclude without offering hope.  And we all need hope, or it would be pretty depressing.

I don’t have a witty conclusion for this post, but I think this film said it all… “the hope is you.”

(there are great resources for ideas and solutions at: 11thhouraction.com)