“Rate the Rolls”… the results!

Yesterday, I posted the Mom Goes Green family opinion for our “Rate the Rolls” Challenge.  We tried two brands of 100% recycled content toilet paper (bath tissue!).  One was White Cloud’s GreenEarth, the other was the leading competitor, but we didn’t know which one was which. Today we got the results…

WC rate the rollzSo, did we pick GreenEarth? Drumroll, pleeeeze… we did! They’ve won us over… and, ironically the other brand was Seventh Generation and that is the brand that my husband nixed when I tried to make the first switcheroo!  Fortunately I have his blessing to begin buying GreenEarth (woohoo!) and buying recycled is really important to me.  In fact, if every U.S. household replaced just one 500-sheet roll of regular TP with one recycled roll, it would save nearly 423,900 trees annually. Now, that’s a big deal!

I also now know that while both brands are 100% recycled, White Cloud GreenEarth is always made from 100% post consumer fibers, while Seventh Generation only promises 80% post consumer.  Another big bonus in my book!

I hope you’ll take the challenge too and just give it a try.  For now, GreenEarth is available exclusively at Walmart, and you can save some “green” by downloading the coupon below!

If you give it a try, let me know what YOU think.  Now click, print, buy and… well, you can handle the rest of it!

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Rate the Rolls!: A toilet paper challenge… (yes, really!)

WC rate the rollzLoyal readers know all about my on-going search for the “right” brand of recycled content toilet paper.  I’ve tried to make several changes from our regular “cushy” brand but my husband immediately called a foul every time and insisted I stop messing with the “business”!

So, when White Cloud offered to let me take their “Rate the Rolls” Challenge, I jumped at the chance.  They sent two rolls of toilet paper (okay, bath tissue, if you prefer!) simply marked “A” and “B”.  Both are made from 100% recycled fiber and, obviously, one is White Cloud’s “GreenEarth” brand and the other is the leading competitor, but I have NO idea which one is which.

Without any other information, here is what the Mom Goes Green family concluded:

WC rollz

  • Roll “B” simply looked more “user-friendly”, if you will.  It appeared fluffier and even whiter.
  • There didn’t seem to be a dramatic difference in thickness, although I will admit that there may have been a psychological advantage to the quilted appearance of Roll “B”… Roll “A” looked a bit flat and less inviting.
  • As far as softness, they were fairly close, but we all agreed that Roll “B” had an ever-slight advantage… even when you crinkled it in your hand, the “crinkle-sound-factor” was a bit less for Roll “B”.
  • Without getting too graphic(!) they felt fairly similar when… umm, “used”.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Stalemate.

All things considered, what did the MGG family choose?  Drumroll, please!…  Roll “B”!  While there weren’t extreme advantages, Roll “B” just seemed a bit closer to what we’re all used to (and my husband even agreed he would give a thumbs-up to Roll “B”!)  Knowing that they’re both 100% recycled content, we’d choose Roll “B”, every time.  And let’s face it, there is a psychology to everything we choose… while our own families might not care so much what our toilet paper (bath tissue!) looks like, we never want guests in our home to feel like we stole our TP from a public restroom or put out the cheap stuff!

Did we pick White Cloud’s GreenEarth? I have no idea.  They haven’t told me yet!  Stay tuned to find out… you’ll know when we do!

(Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger.  While I am compensated for my time, my opinions are entirely my own.  White Cloud neither directs nor edits my posts, comments, views or opinions.)

Join me in the White Cloud Moms Twitter Party!

WC Green EarthRegular Mom Goes Green readers know all about my on-going search for that “right” brand of recycled content toilet paper.  I’m happy to say I believe I’ve found the answer:  White Cloud’s very own “Green Earth” brand of 100% recycled fiber toilet paper! … Finally!

In the coming weeks I’ll share with you more detailed information about my discovery but, in the meanwhile, I invite you to “the party”… a Twitter party, that is!  Join me in chatting about all the ways you can “unroll your imagination” around the house, as well as their new “Imagination Unrolled” contest.  (In this contest you are encouraged to let your creativity flow and put together a craft project using toilet paper and paper towel tubes, the packaging and/or the product!  The grand prize winner will receive $1000(!) and two runners-up will receive $500 each… if you’re like me and my kids, you’re already making these types of “upcycled” crafts, so why not enter a photo and take a chance at winning!  Visit www.MyWhiteCloud.com for all the details.)twitter pty

The party takes place on Thursday, October 21, from 3:00-4:00 pm central standard time (please note your time zone: 1pm pacific, 2pm mountain, 3pm central, 4pm eastern).  A $50 gift card will be given away to a random participant every 10 minutes, so while you’re sharing and gaining some green information you can score some green to spend too!

Just follow the host @WhiteCloudMom and use hashtag #WhiteCloudMom when you Tweet to participate.  I expect to “unroll my imagination” and I hope you will too!

(Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger.  While I am compensated for my time, my opinions are entirely my own.  White Cloud neither directs nor edits my posts, comments, views or opinions.)

Is there a danger lurking in our recycled toilet paper?

No one likes to retract a recommendation or end up eating their words, but I knew this would be part of my “green journey”… and it seems another retraction has to be made.  (Ugh!)

Last time it was Sigg bottles when it was discovered that their epoxy liner actually contained BPA prior to August 2008.  This time the culprit is recycled toilet paper.  (I know my husband is going to LOVE this one, because he revolted over my switch to a not-so-cushy recycled brand!)

tp recycledI happened to stumble upon Jennifer’s post at Eco Child’s Play (who happened to stumble upon an original post at Z Recommends!) about the ugly fact that recycled toilet paper appears to contain BPA.  While BPA is not added to the toilet paper it is often present due to the recycling of thermal printing paper (a common component OF the recycled toilet paper).

It seems this is the reason BPA is often turning up in wastewater and tap water.  While I’m always an advocate of keeping our water sources safe, I can’t help but wonder what happens when we continually “use” this recycled toilet paper on our… well, “nether regions”.  There has to be a degree of absorption into our bodies that, quite frankly, makes me a little uncomfortable.

So now, I’m back to the drawing board.  What options are there?  Aside from installing a bidet (… by the way, I have a fabulous bidet story if you ever meet me!) or other ideas I’ve read (that include using fabric swatches that you place in a sealed container and then wash {note:  not likely to ever happen in THIS household!}) I simply don’t know.

As much as I love to save trees, I think we’re going back to traditional toilet paper until I can find another viable option.  In this house BPA is a major no-no.

(By the way, that visible shaking you just saw through your monitor was my husband jumping for joy!)

Eco-toilet paper: Messing with my husband’s throne!

Well, NOW I’ve done it! I made a change that made my husband call a foul!

tp-seventh-genI switched our cushy Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper to an eco-friendly recycled brand and he is not happy.  So much that it prompted him to blog about it and tell the world that he’s putting his foot down for the first time!

I think in the back of my brain I thought I could make the switcheroo and he might not notice, but in reality, I knew this might be his limit.  And alas, it is.

I picked up some Seventh Generation toilet paper, and sure, it’s definitely nowhere near as thick and soft as the popular brands, but hey… I felt like saving some trees! I recently learned that if every US household would replace just one 500-sheet roll of regular TP with one recycled roll, it would save nearly 425,000 trees annually.  Seventh Generation is made from 100% recycled paper (with a minimum of 80% post-consumer) but I guess some would argue that paper “with a previous life” should never go near these “regions”.

If you have a better recommendation, PLEASE, let me know.  I can feel like I am staying true to my green mission, and maybe my husband will go along… with no ifs, ands or “butts” about it!