In the aftermath of the earthquake… help Haiti…

haiti quakeTuesday evening we were all reminded about the true instability of our planet. When she decides to release some fury, it can have catastrophic consequences.

My heart is absolutely breaking for the people of Haiti.  They were already living with such suffering and struggle in their daily lives and now to have what little they possess destroyed and literally topple around them is just inconceivable.

It is believed that this earthquake has directly affected up to three million people… one third of the country.  The situation is absolutely dire.  The death-toll is expected to reach 200,000.  And sadly, we may never know the true magnitude and number of precious lives lost… there is a cohaiti bldgsmplete loss of human dignity because the bodies are being deposited into dump trucks, never identified by their loving families and hauled away. Truly devastating.

The need that exists is unimaginable.  Medical attention, food, water, shelter… even those who survived this catastrophe are in jeopardy if they don’t receive antibiotics for even mild injuries.

Today, please commit to helping in the rescue and relief efforts…

  • Text “Haiti” to “90999” to make a simple $10 donation to the Red Cross  haiti child

If you can do more, please donate directly to:

All are currently in Haiti… helping our fellow citizens of the world who so desperately need our help.

The devastation is unbelievable.  The need is immense.  Please help.

Earth Day can be simple but significant.

If you do a Google search for “Earth Day” you’re likely to find hundreds upon hundreds of suggestions about how to spend April 22, and am I going to do that too?  Yea, I am.  But first things first…

earth-dayEarth Day is a birthday so to speak – a day to celebrate the earth.  It was created in 1970 as a way to remind us to appreciate nature and learn how to protect our environment.  And while it is celebrated in the spring in the northern hemisphere, it is actually observed in the autumn in the southern hemisphere (both days being the exact “middle point” of the season).  Internationally, it reaches over 17,000 organizations in 174 countries, so this (like the newer Earth Hour project) is a worldwide event.

No matter what you do to celebrate the day, it can be truly significant.  If you simply take notice of the earth and how lucky we truly are, you have celebrated!  So here are some simple ideas, if you don’t have some terrific ones of your own!

  • See “Earth” – the Disneynature film that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
  • Plant a tree – buy a tree for your yard or sponsor the planting of a tree.
  • Plan an eco-friendly meal – eat organic, locally-grown produce and get a taste of the earth!
  • Attend an Earth event – check your local zoo, botanical gardens, nature center or community’s programs.
  • Read a book – if your children are burnt out on their own nature books, check out the local library for some new selections.tree-seedling1
  • Clean out the clutter – and donate what you own that no longer has a purpose, to keep it out of the trash and landfills.
  • Go for a walk – your own neighborhood or a local hiking path can remind you of the wonder of nature.
  • Pick up some trash – this can be coupled with your walk and accomplish even more!
  • Break ground for a garden – as organic as you can get!
  • Adopt naturesponsor an endangered species or an acre of rainforest.
  • Make recycled crafts – your own home (and recycle bin) is full of supplies!
  • Change a habit – whether it’s cleaning products or a pledge to recycle more, every change is a good change.
  • Switch to CFLs – buy some!  And when an old incandescent burns out, switch ‘em out!
  • USE those reusable bags – vow to make this a priority!
  • “Talk about it!” – talk about what Earth Day really means… with your kids, your friends, your neighbor… anyone that might need to know or need a little “push!”

There are still a few days to make your plans, but just be sure to plan something.  But I truly believe that teaching our kids to respect the earth and appreciate this amazing planet is the best way to celebrate… kids that are taught to be “environmentally aware” grow up to be environmentally aware adults!

And remember… April 22 isn’t the only Earth Day… EVERY day should be Earth Day!

A Great Green New Year’s Resolution

It’s New Year’s Eve!  A brand new year to bring brand new things, but the holiday has likely overwhelmed us and we’re left with some guilt in the wake of it all…

And now I’m sitting here thinking New Year’s Resolutions.  Sure I’m feeling guilty for over-consuming at all of those holiday gatherings… and, selfishly, not for any “green” reasons… but because my pants are tight and I need to make more frequent trips to the gym!  I’m also telling myself that I need to relax more, worry less and “not sweat the small stuff”.  Of course, I want to find ways to be a better mom and wife… and organize those things that have been neglected by over-committing myself.  (And did I mention those pants?!?… augh!)

But one other less selfish thing comes to mind… volunteering.  I want to do more.  And, instead of just talking about going out and making a difference, I want to stand up and really do it!

I recently discovered Together Green, an organization that will help connect you with all sorts of conservation projects around the country.  They have a calendar of events, volunteer days and links to other volunteer sites. Plus, their Be Green Action Center will give you the most amazing ways to go green in your daily life — at home, work, and travel, and in your community.  Choose what you want to do, and they’ll give you ideas of actions to take.  A great, great resource!

I’ve also discovered great opportunities through:

So many ways to get involved, so many opportunities, so much “difference” to be made!

SO, for my New Year’s Resolution, I vow to get out and “do”.  I know it will mean that I’ve taken the next step.  And it’s another great way to get my kids involved too… that lesson will last them a lifetime.  Would you consider joining me in this resolution?

(Perhaps it will even help me with that “pants” issue!)