Caution: Green mom on Board!

This fall our son heads off to Preschool and our daughter will be in 1st Grade…wait a minute….hello? How did I get here? Where did my babies go???

I thought I was still young and cool, but yeah….probably not so much. Last week I looked at my outfit and thought I was teetering on the cusp of actually looking like a PTA Mom! (*shiver!* …but please, PTA Moms, don’t email me and ask what that meant. I think we can all come up with our own explanation and accompanying visual!)

I have been invited to be on the Boards of both schools and have accepted both of those offers; however, I wonder if either of them truly knows what they have gotten themselves into. A green mom is a whole different creature than a non-green mom!

I discovered that my son’s Preschool doesn’t recycle…at all. My daughter’s Elementary school is addicted to styrofoam. (*second shiver!*) These kids ARE the future. As cliche as that sounds, it’s just a fact. We need to start instilling environmental consciousness within them NOW…our children should never look at a plastic bottle as trash. This is our opportunity! I have a lot of work to do, and plenty of minds and policies to change.

THIS, my friends, is going to be my newest challenge…and oh, what a challenge it will be!

photo by: Wesley Fryer

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3 thoughts on “Caution: Green mom on Board!

  1. Good luck! I tried to make little changes just in how my classroom was run in my district (I work in all 6 buildings and am forced to *drive* between them when I’d much rather cycle.) My students and I recycle paper (and I have them write things down in their planners instead of passing out thousands of flyers, but more importantly, we’re the only classroom that turns its lights out when we’re not in it! Little steps, but the kids love it. Now, I just have to get some other teachers with the picture.

  2. Robert – Bravo to you!!! You know, kids/students really embrace every opportunity in front of them that allows them to make a difference…especially when they know the true purpose. And I LOVE the ‘turning off the lights’ thing. That is one of my pet peeves…I turn off lights wherever I go (public restrooms {when no one else is in there, of course!}, empty rooms in libraries…people are probably wondering who the mysterious “light bandit” is! Keep up your efforts…you have a great opportunity to make a change in lots of others!

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