Chemicals in deodorants are really the “pits!”

Most of us never give much thought to the deodorant we apply daily… after all, don’t all moms naturally smell like roses?… yea, I know, not always but dare to dream!

toms deod lineThere is a problem though… common commercial deodorants contain all sorts of frightening chemicals, including Aluminum Chlorohydrate (linked to brain disorders), Parabens (linked to breast cancer), Propylene Glycol (commonly used in manufacturing antifreeze!), Triclosan (linked to the development of antibiotic resistance) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a known carcinogen!).  Who wouldn’t want to avoid these chemicals?!?

Lately, I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine.  Those of us entrenched in the “green world” have probably heard of their products since they are easily found in major retailers, but it wasn’t as easy when I realized that it was probably time for our 8-year old daughter to consider some deodorant of her own.jv Nat deodor

Luckily I finally discovered Junior Varsity Naturals and honestly, I never imagined it would be so easy to convince my little lady to take-on this armpit task each day!  Their products are made of only safe, chemical-free botanicals, so I don’t have to worry about her putting toxic ingredients on her body just for the sake of hygiene.  And she looooves the smell… they have a Cherry Blast for girls and Citrus Sport for boys (all natural scents), so as soon as my little athlete is ready for some pit-assistance, I know he’s covered too.

If I can convince you of nothing else, please just avoid anti-perspirants. These are the products that contain dangerous Aluminum Chorohydrate to seal our pores and prevent sweat, but it’s being absorbed into our bodies every day!

There is nothing glamorous in the discussion of underarms, but even less attractive is the reality of the dangerous chemicals that enter our body as a result of wanting to smell more pleasant… now that’s really, REALLY the pits!

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4 thoughts on “Chemicals in deodorants are really the “pits!”

  1. Some great aadvice Doreen but what would you suggest someone who sweats a lot (not perscription strength a lot) would use? I currently use one of the strongest anti-antiperspirant I can find to stave off the embarrassing pit stains. What would be a good natural equivalent?

  2. Now “that’s really really the pits” LOL – sooo funny Doreen! Actually, I am glad you posted this because very soon I will have to think abt this for our dd too. I have been using Tom’s but I find that it doesn’t last but a few hours for me and then it’s stink-ville. I have been wanting to try some other ones but haven’t researched it very well yet. I do love Tom’s products tho – just wish it would last a wee bit longer. Must check this out on the junior deo! TY 🙂
    .-= smilinggreenmom´s last blog ..PlanetBox Eco-Lunch Kit Review!!! =-.

  3. Devon – That IS a little tougher… while there are no perfect answers, remember that sweating is also the body’s way of releasing toxins, so altering your diet to avoid processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, etc. can help. Eating a diet rich in fruits will also help. Vitamin B in fruits, whole grains and vegetables… also helpful. And believe it or not, exercise also helps reduce sweating when NOT in an exercise phase. Plus, drink lots of water. Contrary to belief, this reduces sweating because it allows the body to expel the toxins “the other way”. I have also heard of using a dusting of baking soda, but I’ve never tried it! The problem is our bodies NEED to expel toxins and sweat and prohibiting that through antiperspirants isn’t healthy.

    smilinggreenmom – no luck with Tom’s, huh? You must be extra stinky! 🙂 Just kidding! 🙂 But I have had lots of luck with it. Let me know if you try something else that you like too… But give Junior Varsity a try… our daughter loves it!

  4. Hello MGG,

    I have been using Crystalux spray deodorant for a number of years now, after having had breast cancer, and I find it to be the most effective of the natural deodorant products. I highly recommend it.

    Go green and stay healthy,


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