Confessions of a “Method” Head!

Okay, so don’t start rumors about MomGoesGreen.  I have an admitted addiction… but it’s an addiction to Method products!

Sincerely.  I can’t get enough of them!  I know I have talked about “the greatness that is distilled white vinegar” but some things require a little extra something-something… like my dishwasher.  Can’t exactly pour in some vinegar and call it a day!

But Method… ahhh, Method!  (I’ve talked about the love… umm, twice.  So, here’s a third!) Their “Smarty Dish” Dishwasher Detergent is amazing.  It’s earth-friendly, biodegradable, and bleach- and phosphorous-free.  It comes as a large tablet so you don’t even need to worry about pouring and measuring.  My chosen scent was Pink Grapefruit – quite nice! – and can I just say my dishes and glasses were so squeaky  clean when they came out of the dishwasher that my husband even commented!

I’ve also been loving their Lil’ Bowl Blu Toilet Cleaner, Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaners, Biodegradable Tub & Tile Wipes (especially for our 3-year old son, with HORRIBLE aim!), but I’m also continually impressed with their hand soaps.  They’ve been in our house for quite a while now (and they’re great – especially the kid-friendly foaming kind), but would you believe they actually designed the containers so you can use every last drop of the soap?!  Love it!  And they sell refill soap too… another bonus.

BUT… my current fav Method product is the oh-so-yummy Method Baby Body Lotion I bought for our kids.  I so desperately wanted to get away from their old lotions – (do you know that most of them contain mineral oil?  Putting mineral oil on your skin is like covering yourself in saran wrap! Can you imagine?!?)

Anyhow… back to my point… the Method Baby Body Lotion is made of natural, biodegradable ingredients and never contains parabens, phthalates or other nasty chemicals you wouldn’t want to slather on your kids.  I have a clear conscience when I lotion them up these days and it’s topped off with a wonderful scent – rice milk & mallow (yea.  That’s as in marshmallow!).  But I can’t guarantee you won’t want to nibble on their arm for a bit.  I know I want to… and do!

So, I’ve said it before… I’ll probably say it again, but Method is a great company, with great products, a clear environmental focus and responsibility and a fab sense of humor (wait until you start reading their packaging!).

But I won’t leave you hangin’… I know you wanna get some … everyone should be a “Method” Head!!!  It’s a great addiction.

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7 thoughts on “Confessions of a “Method” Head!

  1. Seriously, where is Method on this? They should be sending us all kinds of freebies for all of this press. I’m not kidding. You’re a customer evangelist for them now. If you’re from Method and you’re reading this, it’s time to step it up! She obviously loves your product and is spreading the word. Hook us up! 🙂

  2. Thanks for mentioning some of these products that I have not seen in stores. I’ve been looking for a good dishwasher detergent, I know what to try next!

  3. dana – kid you not… you will LOVE this dishwasher detergent. When I say “squeaky clean” I wasn’t kidding! Let me know what you think if you try it! (FYI: I bought mine at Target!) They have tons of Method products!)

  4. Ive looked at several method products and found they are not much different then some brand name cleaners. Their hand soap for example is no healthier than other brands like dial. And dont a lot of their products have artificial fragrance???

    i use bio-kleen powder in my dishwasher and it works great. another truly safe, organic and “green” product are “soap nuts”.

  5. Rachel – I truly haven’t heard anything bad about Method. They do have fragrance, but I do believe a lot of it is naturally derived… and my desire for a nice fragrance it admittedly one of my short-comings!

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