Countdown to Father’s Day… help “Daddy Go Green”!

dad-super-wordDaddy’s big day is just around the corner.  Maybe, if you’re like our family, you go light on the gifts (or request no gifts at all!) but if you’re still hard-pressed for that perfect eco-gift, there is still time.

Don’t panic! Here are some great ideas!:

  • Buy a tree to plant – I bought a beautiful Japanese Cherry tree for my husband on his first Father’s Day.  Seven years later it has grown tremendously and we look forward to the spring blooms every year!
  • Make a gift – this falls into that beloved “reuse” category.  Search your house and garage and you’re sure to find plenty of supplies to “build the perfect gift” or unique piece of art!
  • Electronics solar charger – self-explanatory… free power from the sun… imagine that!
  • Golf accessories – now, more than ever, pro-shops are carrying bags and accessories made of recycled materials and even golf balls that biodegrade in days (after those unfortunate sinkers in the water glass-beerhazard!).
  • Bamboo knives or grilling setbamboo is incredible and every dad loves to be the king of the grill.
  • Organic brew – what dad doesn’t love a nice “cold one” (or five!) to keep him company while he “mans” the grill!
  • Reusable water bottle – for sports, workouts or whenever he’s taking water with him, reusable and BPA-free stainless steel bottles always have a use.
  • iTunes – CDs are so passe, right?  Remember that statistic about 45 tons of CDs winding up in landfills monthly… sheesh!
  • Solar powered landscaping lights – if he’s a man who loves his yard, yet another way for a little extra flare with free energy from the sun.
  • “Give your time” – whether it’s a hike in nature, a picnic at a local park or a family cookout under the trees in your own backyard, he loves your time!

Ideal Bite also has a great list of eco-gifts (time is running short, and you might have to pay a bit to get them there on time, but you might just locate a “must have”!).

jimkukral4All of that “suggested”, I just want to wish my wonderful husband and daddy of our two amazing kids a wonderful Father’s Day.  I think I have the most incredible husband in the world because he deals with all of my green stuff, does the very best he can and actually gets sad and frustrated when work keeps him from doing the ‘fun stuff’ with me and the kids.  Who doesn’t love a husband that respects his wife and a daddy that LOVES to be with his family… we love you, honey!

Okay, enough of the mushies to make everyone choke…

Happy Father’s Day to every awesome dad out there. From Mom Goes Green to every dad that loves his fam, embraces “going green” or does the best he can, you rock!  Have a fabulous day!

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4 thoughts on “Countdown to Father’s Day… help “Daddy Go Green”!

  1. Great tips. Glad to hear that there are golf accessories that are recycled. But those greens are not very green. They suck up so much water and most us some kind of synthetic lawn fertilizer/pesticides. I bet it’s difficult to talk a golfer out of his game though. 🙂

  2. I really Like your Web-Site ! I’m all about going green and Renewable Engery !
    Burning fossil fuels is filthy habit ! Renewable Energy is plentiful energy.
    I will Tell everyone about you site ! If you would like I can Link it to mine

  3. PureMothers – no, I don’t imagine golf course are very “green”, so to speak!

    Michelle – thanks!

    Jim – I love you too, honey!…. (everyone say “awwwww!: 🙂 )

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