De-“bagging” the system

Oh, plastic bags, plastics bags.  Will they ever go away?  It seems to be a slow movement, but there is more good news to report.

IKEA has stepped up to the plate and eliminated all plastic and paper bags in their US retail stores.  No more enormous, crinkling bags to lug home the loot we buy.  Bring your own bag or buy one of theirs, or your only other option will be to grow more arms!  This move eliminates 70 MILLION bags per year.

Target also started a great program that will hopefully encourage everyone who has counted on those bull’s eye bags to consider an alternative too.  I learned about this in People magazine because you turn the inside cover into a mailing envelope.  Put five Target plastic bags inside, mail it and they’ll send you a certificate for a reusable bag made from the plastic you just mailed in.  And you don’t need the magazine cover to participate… just click here to find out how.

It’s funny how I feel an instant kinship with other shoppers who are armed with their own reusable bags.  We often compliment each other and share a proud, little smile at being environmentally conscious together…

… Come’on!  Join our “click”!

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6 thoughts on “De-“bagging” the system

  1. OK! Green Gret you may have gone a little to far on this one! I love my Target bags for changing the kitty litter. I have 2 boys that like a clean box….what do you want me to do now? What? And believe me what goes into those bags is much more toxic than the bag they are in…

    HHHHmmmmm…what am I to do now??!!??!!??!!??!!

    (I still love you!)

  2. This is great to know about both Ikea and Target (though I can’t imagine many Ikea items fitting into most bags!)

    My reusable bags are my buddies. I went to an opening of a new Wegmans today and the store manager was curious what was in the bottom of my cart, and asked me if I bought that there. I told her it’s my collection of reusable bags and she went over, and gave me one of hers free! Thought that was great. I have trained myself to remember them almost everywhere – love them!

    FINALLY Target is on the ball. Their checkout peeps seem to get annoyed with me when I hand them my bags. I will be happy to get a bullseye bag!

  3. Matt – Biodegradable bags, baby! Does that still bum you out? check here: or here :
    A little $$$ to save the earth! 🙂

    OneGreenMommy – you can’t imagine how many times a cashier has tried to scan my reusables thinking I was trying to buy them! And a freebie! I never got a freebie bag! Oh wait! I take that back… on vacation in Myrtle Beach… Kroger gave me a reusable wine bottle carrier!…. does that sound bad that I actually needed a bag to carry multiple bottles of wine without them clinking and smashing… and losing precious “cargo”?! 🙂

  4. I love my reusable bags but mine are one of a kind. After finding it impossible to find a reusable bag that wasn’t manufactured in China ( we don’t buy things made in china for a whole host of reasons. Super hard to do) I made my own out of some old table clothes I found at Goodwill. So they are recyled and 100% cotton and made in the good ole’ USA so I am in love with them. I have made several for friends too.

  5. sassygreenmommy – that is a GREAT idea! I wish I had sewing skills and I would love to do the same! I try to be aware of all the “made in China” products too… but, sadly, I’m sure all of mine were NOT made in the USA. Bravo to you!

  6. Hi Doreen,
    I just had to share my recycling tip for this holiday season. I know you probably cringe with all the wrapping paper around Christmas time. This year I am going to TJ Maxx and buying their holiday reusable totes for only $0.99 and putting all the gifts in the bags. This way noone wastes paper and they get a great bag to use whenever they shop.
    I get great tips from your site, keep up the great work.

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