Ding, dong…the washer’s dead.

Yep…dead.  It was loaded up with my kids’ laundry and the damn thing wouldn’t spin.  It was such a joy to wring every item by hand so I could put them in the dryer (so, wringing?  That’s how they used to do it, huh?).

Of course, it was only one year beyond warranty(!), and the repair would have been so costly the only choice was to buy a new one. Fabulous.

The irony of the whole event is the education I received in my quest to find a new washer.  Did you know that top-loading washers require massive amounts of energy and water?… something I never thought about for a second, and I walked into the store expecting that’s what I would buy.  Was I ever wrong.

Front-loading washers are such an environmentally-conscious choice and I had no idea. I’ll wrap this in a nutshell:  They require 60% less water, 50% less energy to heat the water, hold larger loads (because there’s no agitator – so you will need to do fewer loads) and they spin faster (extracting more water and reducing the dry time in your dryer) and in turn, consume less dryer energy.  I love it!

If every U.S. household replaced their washer with a front-loading washer, the water saved each year could fill more than one million Olympic-sized swimming pools. ONE MILLION.

Meet my new washer…isn’t she pretty?   Sure, it cost more, but over time the savings in water and energy will balance it out, and now that I “know what I know”, I wouldn’t dream of NOT making the environmental choice.

Of course, one of my concerns was what happens to my poor, old, dead washer.  I am happy to report that the retailer has a local contract and it will be picked up and all recyclable parts and materials WILL be recycled.  Whew!  Without that kind of answer, I don’t think I would have bought from them…

…so, I just got greener…and since I am a green mom, I suppose the death of my “water & energy sucking” washing machine was destiny, with a splash of fate.  No problem.  I’ll take that wake-up call.

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12 thoughts on “Ding, dong…the washer’s dead.

  1. Doreen: though I heard that front loaders were a better option, I had no idea that they were so much better for the environment! I know in these economic times we aren’t looking forward to shelling out for an unexpected purchase but perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, eh? Cheers, Kimberly

    Kimberlys last blog post..Well chuffed!

  2. OMG!!! You kill me – I would never have even given that a thought. I would have purchased the front loader because it’s much prettier and way cool.

  3. Kimberly – I had no idea either! It was destiny that it died sooner rather than later! Financially, it stinks. Environmentally, I’m glad I was forced to make the change. Plus, my old one is getting a complete “recycle”… what a relief!

    Matt – yes, she is pretty isn’t she? I always thought that front-loaders were cooler too! I thought they were big ticket items, but the difference was honestly only a few hundred bucks and it will all pay off in the long run… and I have a clear conscience!

  4. It really is pretty and I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time! ‘Bad hippie’ confession: I only wanted it for the *cool* factor, I had no idea about the eco-friendliness of it! Groovy!

    Sorry you had to shell out some dough unexpectedly, but, the dough you’ll be saving sure sounds *sweet*! And that is definitely cool that they’ll be recycling your old one. I’m always wanting to make sure stuff like that happens to my old things, but, hubby’s not totally on board with the whole ‘Save the Earth’ thing. It’s hard to turn an old redneck around! LOL!

  5. LMM – See! Now you can be cool and eco-friendly if you buy one! Good luck convincing your husband though! 🙂 They are more expensive but at least I know it was a good investment for the earth too, right?

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  7. As one who works for an appliance repair shop, I will add this disclaimer:

    These newfangled washers require much more time, far more expensive parts, and far more diagnosis to fix. What am I getting at? Despite the fact that these new washers are “greener” for the environment, they can make your wallet “blacker” … as in, the big black hole.

    We suggest to all of our customers who purchase one to get the extended warranty, ensure it will cover large parts (transmission!!!), and ask the manufacturer what they suggest you do to properly maintain the appliance.

    I just sold a customer a 1982 washer for $189 because he was tired of dealing with the new washer he purchased two years ago. It was beautiful, like yours. It also cost him another $987 in out-of-pocket expenses the warranty didn’t cover. By the time the washer had broken down a fifth time (the first two times, it was replaced by the manufacturer – and not with the same model: they made him choose one off of the store floor, and they weren’t as nice, or as expensive, and he didn’t get a refund of the difference!), he gave up and his wife begged him to get the almond-color washer back that he’d tossed out two years before. Of course he couldn’t find that particular washer, but he found one just like it on our floor!

    Devyls last blog post..Baby S Update:

  8. I just realized I could have given you a couple of tips myself:

    1) do NOT let soap or hard-water build up on your washer seal. Replacing that seal will cost you around $200, because 1) the seal itself is around $60-$70 (up to $180!!!) on most models and 2) It takes approximately an hour of labor to PROPERLY install a seal.

    2) Use something similar to http://www.affresh.com/ to help maintain the cleanliness of your washer. Do NOT go cheap with these – it is an important part of your maintenance. See if your manufacturer recommends a certain brand. (I hope there is a more environmentally-friendly way to purchase than the three-tab packs we have in our shop, though! Check to see if the brand you need offers a “bulk” price of sorts.) I know we usually recommend running one through your washer each month.

  9. Exactly – that is super cool that it is an investment for the earth! Yeah, though, I’m gonna have a heck of a time convincing the old man. Maybe one day….

    (How sweet that you called me ‘LMM’ – a bunch of my friends in one of my message boards all call me that – I really like it! Hee!)

  10. Devyl – Thanks for all the info!… we did buy the extended warranty (always have with our major purchases, including the one that just died a year beyond the 5 year extended warranty!… and yes, it was the transmission that died on that one!) The guys that delivered our new one did give the tips, and particularly mentioned the seal. They also gave us samples of the cleaner, so I guess I feel even more confident that we got great info from them since you are backing it up! I still feel confident in our purchase, because it is so much more environmental… I’m willing to take a few extra steps and precautions… now if something goes mechanically wrong, I think I might be ranting!!! 🙂

    LMM – okay, you are officially LMM here too!

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