Do I have animal magnetism?

dr fawnnTruly, I’m thinking the answer has to be “yes”.  And I’m not tooting my own horn… I’m literally talking about REAL wild animals…

I’ve written before about how we seem to have an unusually large population of animals in our yard and (I’m not kidding), it has gotten even more outrageous.  While I can sit on my back patio and gaze at downtown Cleveland, I also seem to be harboring a suburban animal sanctuary.r'coon babies

Want to know what’s been hanging out in our yard lately? Lemme give you the list … deer (including babies!), squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossum, snakes, rabbits, hawks, a wild turkey, birds in general (galore!) and a red fox, for pete’s sake.

No one else seems to find these animals lingering in their yard… except me.  Want to know my theory?… as'nake natural, organic yard. No chemicals, no toxins, no poison polluting up our little sanctuary.

Do you think these animals know that? They have a keen sense of… oh… just about everything.  Hmmm, do you think they’re telling us something…?

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3 thoughts on “Do I have animal magnetism?

  1. PINESOL…diluted 50/50 with water…will eradicate all furry animals from your yard. …..use once a week……..not deer, try PLANTSKIDD…..raccoons and skunks will run from cotton balls soaked in ammonia, the grey kind, not the lemon flavored….wear eye protection

  2. ..the snakes can be eliminated by buying a fake hawk, an imitation,at the garden store on on the internet, and put it at various places in your yard or garden…buy 2 for best results and move them, put them on a stick or on a tree visible..

  3. Wow folks I generally take the wrong idea or subject tangent from the offerings here. I guess i didn’t see the part where she wanted to get rid of the suburban animal sanctuary. Besides the spectrum of North American forest creatures listed actually belong in the environment in Ohio and other states of the Union.

    Be aware urban centers can have bears in them. Your down town area could be a short jaunt for a hungry bear who can distinguish from sauerkraut and peaches in a sealed can. The canning process leaves a residue that their powerfully sensitive nose can detect. A bear has a better nose than dogs for searching its environment. So that bird feeder and grease can on the gas grill can be tempting snacks for a bear passing through.

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