Eco-toilet paper: Messing with my husband’s throne!

Well, NOW I’ve done it! I made a change that made my husband call a foul!

tp-seventh-genI switched our cushy Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper to an eco-friendly recycled brand and he is not happy.  So much that it prompted him to blog about it and tell the world that he’s putting his foot down for the first time!

I think in the back of my brain I thought I could make the switcheroo and he might not notice, but in reality, I knew this might be his limit.  And alas, it is.

I picked up some Seventh Generation toilet paper, and sure, it’s definitely nowhere near as thick and soft as the popular brands, but hey… I felt like saving some trees! I recently learned that if every US household would replace just one 500-sheet roll of regular TP with one recycled roll, it would save nearly 425,000 trees annually.  Seventh Generation is made from 100% recycled paper (with a minimum of 80% post-consumer) but I guess some would argue that paper “with a previous life” should never go near these “regions”.

If you have a better recommendation, PLEASE, let me know.  I can feel like I am staying true to my green mission, and maybe my husband will go along… with no ifs, ands or “butts” about it!

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16 thoughts on “Eco-toilet paper: Messing with my husband’s throne!

  1. I’ve been wondering about the Scott blend that has come out (made out of a combination of recycled and non-recycled paper.) But I haven’t found a store that carries it! I think it’s worth a try if you can find it. Also, although I mostly like Seventh Generation, their recycled paper products are scratchier to me than some of the others.

  2. Are you near a Trader Joe’s? Have you tried the TJ toilet paper (which is made of recycled paper…even 100%, I think!). We’ve been using it for a few years and I haven’t had any complaints. 😉

  3. Marisa – thanks! I’ll be on the “look out” for Scott!

    Laureen – why yes, we are near a Trader Joe’s! I’ll be giving it a try!

  4. This one is a no-brainer for me, toilet paper should all be made from 100% recycled paper. I think you need to convince him to give it time. After you get used to it you find that “softer” toilet paper also tends to fall apart and need more paper and more wiping – more wiping is worse than a somewhat scratchy paper.

  5. I loved this post! Over the last couple of weeks we have tried a couple of different brands (one being Scott, the other I can’t remember) and neither of them were a hit with the man. He usually doesn’t comment on tp, but he wondered what was up since he had to start using more than the normal amount. 🙂 Oh well, he shall adjust!

  6. Gus – My search continues! 🙂

    Tiffany – same complaint from my husband… he said he needs to use a TON of it because it’s too thin!

  7. This story cracked me up because I tried Seventh Generation out on my hubby too recently. I started alternating it in with our Quilted Northern, even sticking some rolls in the open package of QN to see if he’d say anything. Nothing’s been mentioned but I’ve noticed if he’s the one to change the roll, QN always goes on, whether its the next one in the package or no.

  8. White Cloud has come out with a 100% recycled bath tissue and paper towel that you would have trouble discerning from your regular brand. Price is lower than the leading brands too. Sold only at Walmart U.S. stores.

  9. CJ – So fun that you’re trying a sneaky little switcheroo too! Seventh Generation isn’t so great though, I must admit! Have found a possibility in Giant Eagle grocery store brand… husband has given “temporary approval” until he sees the “long term effect!” hehe!

    GW – that figures! I won’t shop Walmart but thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Hi, my husband is a pretty picky tp man himself and marcal makes a two ply (the one ply is just as sc ratchy as seventh gen) 100% recycled tp that is available in many of the grocery stores in my area. It’s comparitively inexpensive too.

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  12. I don’t think you have them up north, but the southern food chain Publix has it’s own eco-friendly brand, Greenwise, and the TP isn’t that bad. My husband even puts up with it. Now if I could only get him to get rid of his Chevy S10 PIckup…. i think it must get around 5 MPG

  13. My daughter and i just completed a science project on premium toilet papers versus “green” toilet papers to see which ones were the most biodegradable. We compared Scott Extra soft, Scott Naturals (the “green” choice), White Cloud, and White Cloud Green Earth. Surprisingly, the Scott Naturals was the least biodegradable. however, the White Cloud Green Earth was the most biodegradable and it was also soft and comfortable. Might want to try it out.

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