Environmentalists = communists.

Let me say, very loudly, that this is not my opinion, nor my comment.  This was a statement made by a speaker at the International Conference on Climate Change, hosted by The Heartland Institute, currently taking place in New York.

Global WarmingIt was pointed out to me by a family member who knows my passion, knows about my blog and seems hell-bent on disproving everything about global warming.  (From here I will refer to the “family member” as “FM”) but “FMs” case is based on a belief that “all of you nut-jobs think we should get rid of cows.”  Wow.  It is so much bigger than that.

If you want to read the article, I will attach it here, but it’s infuriating… and I hate to even link to it.  Czech Republic President, Vaclav Klaus, was the speaker claiming that “global warming ‘alarmists’ are propagating hysteria like communists, with the goal of controlling the public”, while he also believes that the planet actually needs to be saved from us (environmentalists).   Another keynote speaker also suggested that physicists and scientists have subscribed to the belief of global warming simply to save their jobs and get funding for research.

I don’t like to get too political in my views and the topics that I blog about, but this stuff boils my blood.

I wish I had 5 minutes to stand before their conference and say:  “Let’s presume that man-made global warming does NOT exist in any way, shape or form – that there is nothing, at all, we can do to prevent it.  Now ask yourselves:”

  • What is WRONG with simply taking steps to reduce energy-waste?global-warming-bear
  • What is WRONG with efforts to reduce carbon emissions?
  • What is WRONG with striving to reduce pollution?
  • What is WRONG with recycling?
  • What is WRONG with protecting our food and water supply?
  • What is WRONG with protecting rainforests, oceans, animals and their habitats?
  • What is WRONG with taking steps to insure that if global warming IS real, we aren’t sitting idly by, letting the problem worsen?
  • If we take all of these actions, even if they are unnecessary, how will it HURT? Answer: it won’t.

I choose to “err on the side of caution.”  If I can take free or low-cost steps to see that I’m not personally worsening the world that I will eventually leave to my kids, WHY WOULDN’T I? I have lost nothing. Do they really believe that industrialization has NOTHING to do with it, even though the past 50 years have seen the highest rate of emissions, as well as the highest rate of warming?  The way I see it, those opposed to making simple adjustments just don’t want to change their ways, sacrifice a little, rethink common practices and give up the overindulgent conveniences of modern life that are spread out before us.

I love “FM”, but my mind is made up.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I refuse to be a part of the problem.”  We’ll have to agree to disagree.

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10 thoughts on “Environmentalists = communists.

  1. Lisa – yes, isn’t that one of the hardest things – when family & friends don’t accept that you have a passion and an opinion different than theirs!

  2. I have a lot of these ‘kill joy’ people in my family as well. One of them went shopping with me and refused to buy the organic produce because they did not want to be seen as an environmentalist- can you believe it???!! WOW- It is frustrating, but all you can do is be a good example and hopefully it will rub off on others:)

  3. Angie – no kidding!… as if it’s a “bad” thing! Hopefully we are good examples… I think we are! I try not to be preachy but just share what I’ve learned! And I never tell people that they have to subscribe to my belief… just consider it!

  4. •If we take all of these actions, even if they are unnecessary, how will it HURT? Answer: it won’t.

    Incorrect. It will destroy the economy of the world. And for what? A belief in a concept whose proponents have been caught time and again manipulating data and outright lying to further their cause, which is to accomplish through environmentalism what they could not accomplish through communism. And do not ask me which data has been manipulated unless you are prepared to hear the answer, because I do have one.

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