FREE Giveaway! “Make the Switch” to an EcoUsable Bottle!

(This giveaway is now closed for entries.  See “Comments” for winner announcement!)

No one was more disappointed than I was with the news that Sigg bottles had come under fire for actually containing BPA in the epoxy liner inside their bottles manufactured before August 2008.  After all, I did recommend Sigg as a choice to avoid that nasty chemical and I have a couple of those bottles in regular use for my own family (insert my frowning face here!).

ecousable logoWell, I’ve “looked into”(and I do mean literally and figuratively) EcoUsable stainless steel bottles and I can assure you… they are safe and one outstanding line of products.  They have even pioneered the world’s first stainless filtered water bottle and have launched the “Make the Switch” campaign. This campaign encourages consumers with aluminum water bottles to make the switch to EcoUsable stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles produced with no lining at all.

The amazing thing about this bottle is that it literally filters the water you drink!  So while you’re away from home you can ecousablealways have clean, safe water… anywhere.  Need to fill it with tap water?  Go ahead … it filters it!  Need to fill it with water from a lake or stream?  Go ahead… it filters it!  Need to fill it with water from a POOL?  Yep, go ahead… it filters it!!!

Sound crazy?  It does!  But you want one, don’t you?!?

Well, then leave a comment here saying you’d like to win and tell me where you’d use your EcoUsable bottle, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. The winner will be selected one week from today’s post. (US entries only… sorry!)

This giveaway is valued at over $40, and they’ve even thrown in a “Green 4 Life” bottle wrap for an extra little statement!

They are also offering a 20% discount on products until October 31, 2009, during this campaign.  Just click here to take advantage (discount is automatically given at checkout).

So if you want to know that your drinking water is as safe as it gets while you’re “on the go”, join me… and “Make the Switch”!

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20 thoughts on “FREE Giveaway! “Make the Switch” to an EcoUsable Bottle!

  1. I would love to win and would use this bottle virtually everywhere I go in a busy week. Son’s preschool, daughter’s kindergarten, Jazzercise for me, work as a nurse in a busy neo-natal ICU (need lots of fresh water there!). Whew!

    .-= Karla Heaman´s last blog ..Hydrogen: Nature’s Moisturizer =-.

  2. I’m also a nurse and work long shifts on a busy bone marrow transplant floor. The air is super filtered to remove germs, but it’s also very dry. I drink a tone of water at work and need a sturdy reusable water bottle. We don’t use plastic water bottles in my home anymore, but the kids keep losing the reusable bottles so I’m constantly needing a bottle of my own. I’d be thrilled to win this bottle.

  3. Love to win this stainless steel bottle would use with my filtered (tap) water and would carry it virtually everywhere. Posted on Twitter but not sure how to link back.

  4. I would love to win this! I am a nursing mama and so I try to stay very hydrated but am having trouble. I think this would help!

  5. I’ve heard of these, they sound fantastic. And the Green 4 Life wraps look pretty spiffy. Not sure I want to regularly drink pool water, but it might be a fun taste test to run. Pool water vs Lake water – who will win. 🙂

    When I win I’ll use my EcoUsable water bottle while scuba diving – just flip the cap fill ‘er up and look at pretty fish. Or, just around the house if you want the boring honest answer.
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog ..A Gluten Free Home Run for New Grist Beer =-.

  6. Oh, I really really do want one! For all kinds of reasons but mostly because I do not drink enough water through the day and it would be great to have fresh clean water all day to carry along with me!

  7. I would love to win. I would take it on my dog walks, in the car and to the zoo.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  8. i’d appreciate winning this for it would be used all the time, at least 20 hrs out of every day — thank you for the chance!

  9. OOOH! I am thrilled to see this! I would love one because I recently bought my children their own stainless bottles, but still have some #5 plastic bottles for me. I was also sad to see that SIGG had come under fire for BPA.
    .-= OneGreenMommy´s last blog ..Update: Green Kids Parties =-.

  10. I try to avoid buying bottled beverages at work, but I often forget my reusable water bottle at home. I work at a college, and I’d carry the bottle around campus to set a positive example for the students.
    .-= Melanie B´s last blog ..September in review =-.

  11. I live in a rural area and dont always have a store to pop into for drinks so we always carry bottles of water. This would be so great as it seems we usually run out. We are both big water drinkers. I live in an area with many lakes, streams and rivers so thist would be so wonderful !! Thanks for offering this !

  12. YAY! I received my awesome bottle today and am so excited! It couldn’t have come at a better time either — being 8 1/2 months pregnant I am thirsty 99% of the time and now I have my awesome new bottle to carry with my everywhere! I love it!!!
    .-= OneGreenMommy´s last blog ..A Greener Diaper Bag =-.

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