Fresh flowers and blooms that smell of doom!

Waaaay back in my previous life – about 2001 BC (Before Children!) – one of my favorite indulgences was having fresh cut flowers in our home, at all times.  It was a little OVERindulgent, but it sure brightened up the place, no matter the season.

flowers2Since having kids, this has taken a backseat to many other things that command our disposable income.  But one of my shortcomings was that I only looked for cheap flowers without any consideration of how they were grown, where they came from or how they got here… oops!

I’ve since learned that about 70% of flowers sold in the US are imported and grown using highly toxic chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides… doesn’t sound so pleasant to take a big “whiff” now, does it?!  This is a danger to us as consumers, workers cultivating the flower crops and florists working with them daily.  It also pollutes the land and groundwater and creates an unhealthy environmental effect.

Enter: organic flowers! These farms instead use environmental, sustainable practices (without toxins) to insure that everyone in the chain, including the environment, isn’t put at risk.  And it also simply supportverifloras local, domestic farming. Diamond Organics, California Organic Flowers and Organic Bouquet will help put you in the right direction to locate a florist that offers organic flowers or simply buy online if you want “green” blooms.  You can also look for the VeriFlora label or ask your florist if they are VeriFlora certified and you will know you are buying organic… and NOT bringing those toxins into your home or sending them to someone you actually like!

Along with this recent “enlightenment” I also discovered that I have quite a bounty of floral vases that are crowding that useless cupboard above my refrigerator (yeah, you know the one I’m talking about!).  Most of these vases are created with such a variety of glass, they can’t be recycled (hence trash!).  But before you let them hit the can, consider giving them back to a local florist!  Many will happily accept them, and honestly, I would not be one bit irritated if I knew that my flowers were arranged in a reused vase!

And if you’re lucky enough to live in Northeastern Ohio, like me (okay, so it’s not so lucky in the dead of winter!), a co-op between Green Lotus and Cleveland Blooms will actually pick them up from your doorstep(!) so they caflower-vasen be cleaned and sent back to a local florist who wants them, so you don’t even need to do the legwork!

Even though that “flower fund” has now been redirected to “Barbie” and “Planet Heroes” you can bet that, when I want to treat myself to a bouquet, I will be doing a search for organic flowers and calling Green Lotus when my blooms head for the compost pile!

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10 thoughts on “Fresh flowers and blooms that smell of doom!

  1. Believe it or not, your post reminded me of a book my kids loved when they were little — “Spring Comes to Sesame Street.” It’s a Golden Book. Big Bird is sick of winter (I can SO relelate as it’s still int he 30s where I am), so he buys some fresh flowers. He ends up giving them all away and they brighten the whole street.

    Ok, all that stuff aside, I don’t care all that much about fresh flowers, but I totally relate to your caring about poisons and toxins! On that I’m pretty vigilant. Take a look at Super Natural Home which is all about the ways you can detoxify your little piece of the planet, one room at a time. I like it because there are little quizzes about things, then — and this is what I really love and respect, there are SOLUTIONS for various issues and problems. What good is identifying a problem if you can’t help someone solve it? This is a great, practical down-to-earth book.

  2. When I lived over in England, we had fresh flowers in the house every day – they are so cheap there! I never thought about the environmental cost! My house nowadays is more often filled with the dandelions Fiona brings me. 🙂 I have switched to buying plants also which is so much more practical. have a good weekend!

  3. ESPECIALLY dandelions! 🙂

    Would you believe that approximately 30,000 agricultural workers die worldwide annually due to their work with pesticides?

    Learned that last year in an anthropology class. It’s so fricking disturbing…

    Keep up the great work, Doe!

  4. Hercules – WOW! That IS disturbing! This should not be happening, especially when we know there are less dangerous ways to farm.

  5. WOW, I never put much thought into that either. I do love flowers, but since having kids years ago buying them went be the way side. Now days I just love looking and taking pictures of them in the wild.
    Thanks for the insight.

  6. Frannie – you’re welcome… was a bit eye opening to me too!

    shari – you’re welcome too! We all should enjoy what is outside of our door instead… even the dandelions! 🙂

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