Friday night chemical

Our family four-some has developed a little ritual for Friday evenings. We call it “Friday Night Movie Nite”. It includes a stop at Blockbuster, the Pet Store next door, carry-out dinners, jammies, popcorn and a movie while all snuggled up in the family room.

During a recent trip to Blockbuster, one of our four-some (I don’t remember who) spotted the popcorn and this fantastic-looking little shaker bottle perched nearby. We discovered a “white cheddar cheese” topping for popcorn that seemed pretty irresistible, so we bought it.

Honestly, it tastes great. When I thought about it more…there cannot be a single, natural ingredient in that stuff. We have dubbed it: “chemical”. It’s actually funny when my husband asks our kids “Do you want chemical?” and they know exactly what he means. It’s funny, but disturbing too. Sometimes our daughter will beat him to the punch and say “No chemical tonight, Daddy.”

It’s sad but true. We’ve all come to accept food products that are chemically or genetically engineered. White cheddar cheese popcorn topping included. (It says “All Natural” on the label but do you suppose “Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking” is good for us? I’m thinking not.)

A new resolution….get off the Friday night chemical, girl!

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2 thoughts on “Friday night chemical

  1. You are so right, Doreen!

    I’ve been reading this great book called “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan and while I haven’t yet finished it, the book is amazing. We somehow got into this mind set that the stuff they sell at our grocery stores is food when in reality, most of it is food like substances. They are chock full of additives, preservatives, and other nasty things that food marketers have told us were great ideas and “healthier” replacements for ingredients our mothers and grandmothers used in their cooking (transfats anyone?).

    Just because something is labeled as “all natural” doesn’t mean you should eat it…after all dirt is “all natural” and in places around here, it’s full of “all natural” asbestos. No thanks! It’s time we started paying a little more attention to what we eat and what habits we teach our children. I certainly don’t want mine developing my soda habit when they are older. That stuff is addicting!

  2. Karen – …”…somehow got into this mind set that the stuff they sell at our grocery stores is food when in reality, most of it is food like substances.” Wow… scary thought, but SO true. It’s crazy that so much food is essentially being “manufactured!” And the comment about dirt made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the great book recommendation… but I’m almost scared to read it!

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