Genetically engineered food… mmm, mmm… (bad!)

Yes, that’s right.  Genetically engineered and modified food. Ever considered that one?  I hadn’t, until I read this article.

fish-filletssIn a nutshell, genetic modification is a process of recombining DNA in animals (for food sources) to introduce new characteristics or desirable traits. Ummm… I don’t know about you, but I am a heartbeat away from wanting to become vegetarian, and the idea of the meats and animal products we consume coming from an animal that has been “altered” is just frightening to me.

The ideology is centered around things like creating animals that grow faster, contain more nutrients or produce a “more mild” manure (among other “excuses”), but truly, this doesn’t make me feel ANY better… and the FDA has actually given this new practice its seal of approval.  But there isn’t even enough research to assure us that it is safe, and there are now some concerns that this is already happening with produce and grains.

And just as bothersome, these products will NOT be labeled and identified, so you won’t even know if you are buying it!  This is NOT the kind of food I want to serve to my kids, ever.chicken-raw

(Granted, my husband and son came home with leftover “fluorescent green nite crawlers” the other day after they went fishing {and who KNOWS what was needed to create that phenomenon!} but at least I wasn’t planning on eating them!)

So what do we do?  This is again another situation where I have no solution or recommendation.  I just want you to know that it’s happening… and the fact that we may not even know that we’re bringing it home and serving it to our family.  I can only hope that this doesn’t affect organic food… but I can’t seem to find out if it does.

What I do know is that this leaves me feeling very uneasy.  Whatever happened to the simple goodness Mother Nature provided?  I truly prefer my food without all the “science experiments”.

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10 thoughts on “Genetically engineered food… mmm, mmm… (bad!)

  1. Doreen, This IS frightening! We saw a show on about this where they interviewed the “scientists” involved in this and they were then showing the things that have happened with these GMO foods. Apparently, soybeans are one of the big ones and when they modified this crop…it burned up to a crisp! Reason? Well, by tweeking the DNA, it created another problem with the crops showing that by altering one piece of starts a chain reaction of events that can be unpredictable. Think of what that does to us! Anyway- I only drink organic soymilk and my cartons are labeled NON-GMO soybeans!!! YAY! So, I was not aware that they did not have to label them…maybe organics have different rules or they do it bc they know it is right. Either way- I always look to make sure it says NON-GMO! Thanks a bunch! Islandermom

  2. I totally agree. Genetically modified foods terrify me! I’m already uncomfortable with our seafood due to polluted oceans, but this is in a class of it’s own. The only thing I think we CAN do, is learn to be self-sufficient and grow our own gardens and even keep chickens for eggs and meat and goats or sheep for milk. I’ve actually considered moving to another country if something like this has no labeling or gets out of control. The EU doesn’t allow imports of GE foods. We’ll also move if vaccines truly become mandatory with no waivers.

  3. Hi:

    Some of the “simple goodness that Mother Nature provided” includes breast cancer…a devastating disease that is being addressed, in part, through genetic modification. “Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean beneficial, any more than “modified” should automatically mean deleterious.

    Indoor plumbing, public transportation, health care, and the Internet are some of the benefits to human culture that “Mother Nature” never considered providing, but which we unnaturally devised for ourselves.

    It may be debated just how much something which isn’t “natural” actually benefits humanity, but rejecting something just because of its origin isn’t reasonable. It’s actually an error in reasoning, and it’s known as the “genetic fallacy.”

  4. islander mom – that’s exactly what scares me! — changing just one thing can create a crazy chain reaction of other changes. And the lack of research proving that it’s safe just leaves me shaking my head. Thanks for sharing that story!

    Deborah – Honestly, if I could have a whole farm and an endless garden in my backyard, I would do it! And the fact that other countries are recognizing the potential problems and dangers, but the FDA throws out approvals without substantial research is crazy… and yes, you said it… terrifying!

  5. Leland – while I agree that some things that come from nature can be destructive and harmful, I respectfully disagree that we should accept genetic modification without questioning the potential effects. I think it is reasonable to reject our food sources being altered WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE and lack of any substantial research to prove that we aren’t creating a disaster in the process.

  6. Hey Doreen! Just wanted you to know that I tweeted you this morning! I have been thinking about this article and wanted others to come here and read what you had to say. Caroline

  7. islander mom – thanks for that! It really does concern me and as consumers, we deserve the right to know… don’t you agree?!? Especially without conclusive evidence that it is NOT harmful and creating a bigger beast!

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