Giveaway: The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge!

(This giveaway is closed for entries.  See “comments” for winner announcement.)

As if I haven’t mentioned it at least a dozen times, I love reading with my kids.  During Earth Hour we read books by flashlight(!) and, with Earth Day just around the corner, there is a lot of eco-reading happening at Mom Goes Green’s house!

msb clim challOne of our new favorites is The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge… the newest installment in the series.  My daughter was thrilled to help me review this book because ever since she picked up her first Magic School Bus book, she’s been hooked… and so have I!  This time the adventure takes us from the Arctic to the equator to see all of the causes and effects of global warming… and give kids ways to make a difference, in terms that they’ll understand.  And, as always, Ms. Frizzle and her class does it in their usual fun and humorous way that makes “eco-friendly science” extraordinarily kid-friendly too!

Our daughter loves the book and it’s clear that she’s learned a lot because she loves spouting off little facts every so often.  Clearly, The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge made an impact on her and thanks to Scholastic a few Mom Goes Green readers can share the adventure too!

These fantastic prizes are up for grabs:snakbags

  • One Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge, plus a set of organic, reusable sandwich and snack bags
  • Two additional readers will receive a copy of The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

How do you enter?…. well, just leave a comment saying you’d like to win and tell me about the “little adventurer” you’d like to share these prizes with, or send a Twitter message that includes a reply to @momgoesgreen and a link to this blog. The winners will be randomly selected on April 26! (US entries only… sorry!).

msb spreadIf you’d like to take on an additional adventure join in the live webcast with author Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan on Tuesday, April 20th (1 pm ET/10 am PT) as they join Ms. Frizzle to celebrate Earth Day and their new book at the Liberty Science Center.

In the meanwhile, climb aboard… and join Mom Goes Green on The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge!

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17 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge!

  1. (first entry via Facebook fan page!:) Joanna Weekley
    My five year old son would love this book. He turns off the water while brushing his teeth and asks me to stop the car so he can pick up litter on the highway. He’s the “greenest” little boy I know!

  2. Hi Doreen! I’ve been thinking about how I have missed reading your blog! How neat that this is the post I came back to. I just got my son’s Scholastic flyer today and there were lots of green themed books and this was on the front. I definitely want to get this for him. He loves to watch the old episodes! What a great way to get kids involved. Our town has an Earth Day parade and festival this weekend and I love how involved the kids get. My daughter even sees the pile of recycling on the counter and asks if she can take it out! Anyway, how great your daughter reviewed it for you. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. My son LIVES for the Magic School Bus–and I can’t tell you how tickled I am that it can not only teach him good science, but about climate change as well…here’s to Miss Frizzle! What a great idea!

    (That and the dog chewed up one of our two Wrap-N-Mats, so it would be awesome to win the reusable lunch things too!)

    I love the reading by flashlight during Earth Hour idea–mine were both in bed by then, and I celebrated by going to bed at 8:30pm myself that night! But maybe next year…

  4. Hi! I have three little adventurers (5 year old boy and 2 year old twin girls) who LOVE to read – a trip to the library is almost better than to the playground! I love teaching them about taking care of the Earth and our responsibility in it. I think it’s really important to model the behavior you are trying to encourage – live it and they will, too. Love your blog – keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Doreen, I first found your blog when I was researching the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for my college research writing class. I have a five month old son who loves reading and enjoying the outdoors and I so much to teach him not only to have a respect and love for the environment but to know why it’s so important to be environmentally conscious.

  6. You know the littl’uns love books…and they are never too young to learn about their interdependence with Mama Earth (as we lovingly refer to her at our house). Thanks for being a stand for her, Doe!

  7. My 2 year old daughter loves having her father and I read her books every day. She would love this book and the reusable bags are awesome. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My 7yo LOVES science and especially things about the outdoors. He was just telling me the other day about how terrible it is that people pollute the oceans. He would love this book! His little brother, age 4, would enjoy it, too. 😉
    .-= Cynthia´s last blog ..Geometry Class #3 =-.

  9. Stephanie really enjoys watching that show! We used to watch it together when she was “little” – now she watches it by herself. We’re excited for Earth Day – they’ll be doing some projects at school tomorrow.

  10. I’d like to win this book for my 2 little greenies-in-training. Elizabeth is a huge fan of the Magic School Bus and Andrew is so impressionable. Just yesterday he came into the room I was in and announced that he turned the light off in the kitchen (where I was cooking but had just stepped away) because it was going to “kill the earth”. I love it!

  11. I would love to win this prize! My daughter is 2 and already very conscious of the environment. She knows to recycle paper, to grab our canvas totes when we go grocery shopping without me asking her to, etc. I want her to learn early so there is no lifestyle change ever needed – she’ll grow up with awareness of her surroundings as a way of life!

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