Help stop the push for genetically modified salmon!

Food seems to be a hot topic for Mom Goes Green lately, but again it seems there’s good reason… food producers continue to want to alter our foods to make it more profitable for them, but are they risking our health in the process?

slmon filltQuite frankly, genetically modified food scares me.  When you mess with nature, it seems obvious that it opens the floodgates for unknown risks.  I want no part of that.

The latest concern?  Salmon.  It seems the FDA is on the verge of approving AquaBounty Technologies’s request to create mutant Atlantic salmon by artificially combining growth hormone genes from a Pacific salmon with DNA from an eelpout. This will make the salmon mature in 17 months (as opposed to 30 months) in “farm” settings (Note: this does not apply to wild-caught salmon).

Just as alarming is the fact that the FDA will NOT do its own testing but will rely on information provided by none other than AquaBounty Technologies themselves… the company that wants approval!!!  Adding insult to injury, this genetically modified salmon will NOT have to be labeled and identified as modified, so you will have no idea what you are consuming.slmon farm has posted a petition to speak out against this pending approval from the FDA… if you feel compelled to add your signature, please click here.

My recent post about the Seafood Watch Guide already indicated that our best choice (for both health and environmental concerns) is Wild Alaskan Salmon, but more than anything, I’m telling this story so my readers can be aware KNOW where your salmon comes from because, yes, … something smells fishy…

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3 thoughts on “Help stop the push for genetically modified salmon!

  1. Aye, yi, yi. Another touchy subject. Is there anything more precious than our food supply? I think that the general population believes that our food is not only safe but good for you as well. It is unfortunate that most food produced today is questionable at best. Watch the documentary, Food, Inc and you will be surprised about many things! I know I was and I thought I was pretty informed.

    Thanks for another good reminder to educate ourselves and not stick our heads in the sand.

    .-= Kimberly Aardal´s last blog ..Morning Coffee- Throws and Other Things =-.

  2. Well human error and out side factors will allow any modified animals or plants to be introduced to the natural enviroment. A type of aquarium plant created to thrive in aquariums has been introduced into our oceans and threaten to block out natural plants. Oh and like many invasive species it isn’t palatable to fish. The Misssisippi river has those jumping fish and I’m told they are not good eating. They like the famous Killer Bees are working there way North with little slowing there progress. Modified farm fish have already escaped in recent years. Though none of them have unlimited growth genes like those mentioned on the news. Consider a fish that can keep growing untill caught or its heart fails over a several years. Giant fish that could starve itself out of existance and effect other salmon and feeder fish. Wow we mess up stuff quite well.

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