Hey! Retailers! …Leave our cash alone!

Going green certainly ISN’T an inexpensive choice.  If I could only cultivate that money tree in my backyard, I wouldn’t have a reason to complain… however, the tree isn’t doing so well, but my pursuit of “green-ness” continues.

My friend recently asked me to explain the reasons for higher priced organics, eco-products and all of the things that dub themselves ‘green’.  I can explain some… for others, there just isn’t an excuse.

Starting  with organic foods —  Although studies find them to be a healthier choice, the government isn’t supporting that suggestion.  Traditional agriculture is subsidized by the government, but organic farming isn’t.  (How does that make sense?) … Without a doubt, we definitely need a change there.

So, these small organic farms must first wait years for the land to be cleared of toxins and certified.  Then, because they are often smaller operations, the costs of turning out an organic product and getting it to market is “ex-pen-sive”!  Add to that, the intensity of compliance with the Department of Agriculture’s standards for certification… and yeah, costly!

When it comes to other green/eco-friendly products, we need to realize that it’s more expensive to assure that everyone involved in the chain uses environmental practices.  So yeah, more money.  I’ve also heard the law of supply and demand come into play…

Another acceptable reason I’ve heard is that many environmentally-conscious companies donate a portion of their profits to eco-, earth and environmental causes.  That, I can still accept.

However, the absolute MOST bothersome reason for higher eco-product prices… retailers.  They simply take a higher margin on organic, eco-friendly, green products because they can.  THAT really angers me.  They take more from consumers, because they CAN?  (Example:  Retailer sells Windex Window Cleaner for $1.99 per bottle.  Retailer sells Method Window Cleaner for $3.29 per bottle.  Yes… simply because they can! And we’ll pay!)  I say they’re taking advantage of the situation and our desire to buy ‘green’.  That is just crappy… and, to me, dishonest and greedy.  Shame on them.  They need a fierce “timeout!”

Unfortunately there is a cost to being environmentally responsible.  I’m sorry we have to bear that burden but, for now, it’s a burden I guess I need to be willing to bear…

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5 thoughts on “Hey! Retailers! …Leave our cash alone!

  1. Always, be honest, put your best foot forward. Tell it like it is, don’t talk out of school – these are things that we are taught as children and I’m glad to hear you teaching them to all of us. I think we all know that most organic products are a little more or somewhat more but I’m glad to see that you are keeping it honest and true.

    I loves me some Dor!!!!

  2. I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from, and I agree with you pretty much on all of what you said. I am actually in the process of creating an online store which hopefully will allow me to have a full brick and morter store eventually. But my goal is to sell all natural,economically friendly, organic etc.. products for families that are AFFORDABLE! Not just “posh” and “hip” and therefore “expensive”. I actually am not really even doing this to make money, I’ll sell products for the lowest I possibly can that is allowable by the company and that I can still make a small profit from. It’s more for the exact same reasons you stated, because WHY ISN’T it MORE AFFORDABLE for people, people aren’t going to make the switch if they can’t AFFORD IT. It doesn’t make sense. Especially companies who use recycled materials rather than raw materials, I mean the product was free for the most part was it not? So why should a “recycled” product cost MORE than a product made of raw materials, and tons of chemicals and processing. Blah…anyway, a point I did want to make is that in a sense it DOES make sense for many natural/organic products to cost more.

    for instance, cleaning products; the reason all those Procter &Gamble, Johnson and Johnson etc products are so cheap are, 1.) that they are using CHEMICALS that are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, compared to all natural materials which take more raw material and cost more to produce than the same amt of the chemical equivalents, 2.) because those HUGE conglomerates have saturated the markets to the point that it’s hard for the companies like Biokleen and 7th Generation and other companies that make strictly NATURAL products to get an edge on the market and therefore lower their prices (if they had places like sam’s club and costco buying billions of their products they COULD afford to lower their prices). When will we see 7th Gen and Biokleen at Walmart? You won’t if it takes the place of J&J or P&G. Also 3.) NOW these mega companies who have created trillions of dollars by selling us TOXIC WASTE and damaging our ecosystem, NOW that they are losing an edge in the market because many of their customers are going to all natural products they say, hey we should sell some “natural” products to get those customers back. And in the mean time STILL SELLING their TOXIC WASTE. So to me it’s just a gimmic and I won’t buy ANY PRODUCTS from those companies who still sell harmful and dangerous chemical products. To me that would be like a vegan buying their vegetables from the local butcher who happens to have a garden in his back yard.

    Ok WOW….sorry for the long rant, maybe I should make a blog about this myself HAHA!!! 🙂 Seriously though, I TOTALLY feel you. oh and my “yelling” ie. caps are at the System/industry, not you 😉

    anyway, great blog!

  3. Also I wanted to say that I do agree that RETAILERS do markup the products JUST because they KNOW that they can. And it makes me sick too. I can’t wait to get my business running, I am going to put them all to shame HAHAHA!!! 🙂

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