How does your organic milk “rate”?

We’ve been exclusively organic milk drinkers since our daughter was old enough to drink milk (8+ years and counting!).  I’ve written about milk numerous times on topics that include the benefits of organic milk, comparing organic to natural milk, as well as reading beyond the organic label.

milkWhile I believe that the benefits of organic milk are indisputable, I recently learned that there is yet another side of the story.  Do you ever wonder how ethical those organic dairy farms are (in terms of everything from how they treat their milk producing cows, to how they acquire the milk, to their overall business practices)?

Well, The Cornucopia Institute set out to find the answers.  I was surprised to learn that our “former” milk of choice (Horizon) chose not to participate (hmm?), but I was happy to learn that our current milk of choice (Organic Valley) rated “four cows” out of a possible five.  It’s great to know that while we’re consuming our organic milk, we’ve also made a smart choice in supporting a trustworthy brand that rates high on the “cow scorecard”.cow

Want to know how your organic milk rates? You can find the scorecard by clicking here (best to worst, or alphabetically).  If you want a full explanation about the ratings you can find more information by clicking here.

I hope you’re not disappointed by what you find, but if you are, now you know how to truly find a happy cow farm!

Got milk?… well, now you can GET MILK with peace of mind.

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5 thoughts on “How does your organic milk “rate”?

  1. Can you get Snowville Creamery milk up there? They’re not certified organic, but they do avoid hormones and antibiotics. Cows are all grass fed. Low-heat pasturized and non-homogenized (so you have to shake it). They only sell milk within a certain radius of the dairy so they can guarantee freshness. It’s good stuff. You may be close enough, you should look around for it. It’s ethical and it tastes fantastic.

  2. Thanks for supporting Organic Valley milk! Yes, we are a great cooperative. It is owned by us farmers. My family has been selling our milk under the OV label for 3 years now and just love it. We know that our cooperative is a group of small farm families that are creating healthy soils, healthy animals and of course healthy dairy products. The best part is we are structured regionally, so all the milk is sold local!

    I found your blog via my Google Reader. Love it! I will visit often, as our family too is always trying to be more green. Visit our blog: to learn how an OV farm family produces your yummy milk. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your work on this & on the eggs ratings too… No more Horizon or T.J’s. eggs, butter or milk, Organic Valley eggs & dairy now only for this house.

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