It takes only one stop to (r)e-cycle your e-waste!

ecycleWhile I’m on the topic of electronics, I must mention my trip to Best Buy this weekend and a fantastic service that I discovered.

I need to preface this with pointing out that electronics, unfortunately, create an amazing amount of e-waste when they have run their course of usefulness or get replaced.  Our TV has seen better days, and that was the reason for the trip.  Our “outgoing” TV is 17 years old and has reached the point where words on the TV were difficult to read and scrolling type is nearly impossible.

That TV will still be donated to a local charity that assists recovering addicts in setting up a home and, although it’s feasible for us tBB ecycleo replace it, I know someone in need of assistance will appreciate our donation when they have “nothing”.  On top of that, our donation keeps it from needlessly being tossed away… it DOES work, afterall.

Okay, back to my original story… Best BuyMy discovery? They have these new FANTASTIC kiosks just inside the entry to their stores that allow us to drop-off all of our e-waste for recycling, repair or repurposing.  I’m talking everything… cellphones & chargers, CDs & DVDs, game controllers and components, remotes, printer cartridges, power cords, and even ‘empty’ gift cards!  I… LOVE… IT!!!

These kiosks are available in EVERY store around the country, and there happen to be about 1100 of them!  Find your store here.

BB kiosk 2While I believe that an electronic or ‘gadget’ still in working condition should be donated, this is the best source I’ve seen so far for a central drop-off location when they’ve run their course.  Check out their site for more details and to learn about their program for the “big” electronics too.

In the meanwhile, sort through your house, fill a box of e-waste and know that you’ve FINALLY found a place for them!

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10 thoughts on “It takes only one stop to (r)e-cycle your e-waste!

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  2. big KUDOS to best buy! a lot of recycling centers probably wouldn’t take those items… glad to see a big company stepping up!!

  3. faith – I second that! I was so thrilled to see this service… (although I probably made other shoppers think I was insane, squealing in delight over recycling bins!) 🙂

  4. Not that I’m a cynic, but do we know where and how they are recycling these things? There is so much greenwashing when it comes to recycling electronics. Many items are being put on ships and sent to China where they are dismantled by people with no protection. Just curious if you’ve heard anything about BB’s efforts once they’ve got the stuff. Thanks!

  5. Lynn – I had the same concern. It is addressed on their site but here it is in a nutshell: “The products are removed from our stores through third party logistics, consolidated and then delivered directly to one of our contracted recycling partners. The recyclers will then determine if the product can be repaired, repurposed or recycled. Using various technologies our recyclers dismantle the electronics, separating out various commodities (Plastics, Glass, Metals, etc) which are repurposed into new products or delivered to a specialized recycler to be further processed and repurposed.” Of course, I hope this is being done domestically too…

  6. Called the best buy near me here in Canada and they have the same bin program so I guess I will be making use of that very soon. We got rid of a whole bunch of electronics this summer, if only we knew what we know now. Thanks for this info!

  7. karen – that’s fantastic! … and you’re welcome! 🙂 Great to know that Best Buy is coming through with the program in Canada too!

  8. Good post! Best Buy does seem like it would be a convenient and I’m glad to hear that they are using responsible recyclers–that was something I was concerned about when I heard about the program.

    Another great place to use if you’re from California is All Green Electronics Recycling ( if you’re curious). Not only do they recycle pretty much everything for free, but they also host free collection events to benefit schools and non-profit organizations. They’ll also take a few things that Best Buy won’t–like toasters and hairdryers.

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