MGG goes to the ER …!

emergncyNo kidding.  Mom Goes Green went to the ER.

Long story short… it started with an “Ugh-oh… what is happening to my vision?… Ugh-oh… wow, now speaking is becoming an issue” kinda-thing.  (No, I wasn’t drinking too many cocktails, it was actually some crazy migraine thing that created quite a frightening set of side effects … but ANYHOW…. I need to tell my amusing part of the story!!!…)

During the “50-question-how-did-you-get-here” portion of the evening I was asked the typical questions that delve into your lifestyle: Drinking? (socially) Smoking? (not any more) Drug abuse… prescription or recreational… ?!?!  Well, you would have thought they asked me if I was willing to eat my young(!) because my response was, well, a bit over the top!

It sounded a little bit like this?:

Drugs?  God NO! Are you kidding me?  I eat all organic food. I won’t even eat FOODS that do drugs! Disgusting.  Really.  I’m all organic, no steroids, no growth hormones and all that junk.  Do you have any idea how bad it is for you??? So drugs, for me?  Yea, no… not even in my FOOD, my man!” (His blank look was priceless.)drug tom

It’s kind of funny how my love for organics came bursting through, even in the most bizarre moment.  I guess I am, and will always be, Mom Goes Green… the funny thing is, that dialogue probably made me sounds like I WAS on drugs, didn’t it?

Oh well… I am Mom Goes Green… at home, in the market, on the go and I guess… in the ER too!

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5 thoughts on “MGG goes to the ER …!

  1. Sounds like you get the aura migraines too. Talk about nerve racking! I get them about once a year – always stress related and never fun. Luckily one hasn’t happened when driving my three boys around. Its good to know what it is – first thing that popped into my head was Stroke! I think I was watching too many episodes of House and Mystery Diagnosis because I was sure it was neurological – luckily it happened to be harmless.
    I am really enjoying your blog! I came upon while searching for ways to make our MOMS Club events greener. I am also a recent vegetarian and a mom to 3 boys (1, 4, and 5) and I am hoping to raise them eco-conscious.

  2. My wife has tried to encourage me NOT to share my thoughts and or feelings when verbal essay questions are not required! Seems with my interest in the green world, DIY and various other uncommon points of interest I tend to share. Kind of feel silly on the rare occurance when I catch myself and don’t actually share my thoughts. I feel so proud I tell the Misses who quips about “how I’m growing”. Today I actually enjoyed sharing my thoughts to a phone servey for a local city council candate. It felt so good as local political situation is a huge mess. Everybody does this but some demographics have thier “thing”. Ever met an odd senior you just met who didn’t do a TMI (too nuch information) about thier health or a nieghbor you’ve never met?

  3. “I won’t even eat foods that do drugs!”

    That is awesome. Can I steal it?

    Ocular migraines are SCARY– got my first one when I was pregnant and seriously thought I was going to go blind. Now I’ve discovered that if I stop what I’m doing whenever the Pretty Lights start frigging around with my peripheral vision and go lie down in a dim room, I can head it off before it turns into Actual Pain…(My husband laughs at me–I just lie there looking at the pretty swirling colors, and sometimes I tell him about them. I think he’s jealous that I can have a drug trip without any drugs…)

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Hey Doreen, what strange timing! I just had my first “painless” migraine just before Think Tank. I’ve never heard of them before. Very scary. Anyway I saw your husband briefly and could see how badly he wanted to be home with you. Weird that it turned out to be the same thing that had just happened to me.

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