Mom Goes Green’s “favorite green gifts” guide.

christmas bulbThe holidays are fast approaching… (as if any of us needed a reminder!).  With only two weeks to go, I thought it was long overdue to write my list of favorite green gifts… the tangible stuff, when you want to give something that won’t make you feel too guilty and stay true to being green…

So, without further ado, here is what I love to give:

  • Live plants – they add life to any home and help cleanse the air by consuming CO2 and giving off some nice oxygen.starter kit 2
  • Starter Kit for Change – it’s packed full of green goodies (including a fabulous one-of-a-kind reusable fabric tote) to get someone set on the road to thinking green.
  • Threadless Tees – they have great nature- and eco-themed tees for absolutely everyone, so you can help someone spread an earth-friendly message (and they are having an amazing sale right now too!).
  • Reusable bottles, bags & lunch kits – they all keep trash from landfills and the bottles also assure that we avoid harmful BPA.
  • Green movies – consider movies like An Inconvenient Truth, Wall-e, Planet Earth or The 11th Hour… they all send an impactful message.
  • Bamboo & organic cotton – so many things to choose, including cutting boards, cutlery, bowls, wine racks, towels, clothing… ecousablebamboo and organic cotton is amazingly sustainable and a lot less harsh on the environment.
  • CFLs & rechargeable batteries – they save energy and keep battery trash from landfills (and they save the recipient some money too!).
  • Electronics solar charger – free energy from the sun… what could be simpler?
  • Homemade gifts – whether it’s a batch of homemade cookies, or something creative made from materials you have at home, you and your kids can create perfect gifts (think candle holders made from jars, pencil holders made from cans, or a framed work of art from your children).
  • Organic treats – everything from organic fruits to chocolates, to beers and wines or coffees and teas, organic is always a fabulous choice…  and it supports the choice for organics.
  • Natural, biodegradable bath products – something that’s not harsh on our skin and bodies, plus something that doesn’t harm the environment is a great choice.
  • Upcycled products – “all that is old can be new again”… you can find totes, baskets, jewelry, clothing, rugs abamboo bowlnd even furniture.
  • Local gifts – (again) those beers and wines, produce, art or just any locally-made products simply supports those local merchants and artists and avoids the emissions created from transporting products from remote regions of the world.
  • Think of others – if you can find it in your heart, give to a charity.  Whether it’s a new gift for a child or family in need, or the donation of things you no longer want (clothing, toys, books, household items, etc.), there is always someone less fortunate than we are and reusing anything that still has usefulness is both environmental and a true gift for those that need our help.  Find the time and make a difference for someone who needs our love and assistance.  It doesn’t need to cost a dime and I assure you… it will help your heart feel full!

earth heartThis list could truly go on and on, but the main objective should be to give something that YOU can feel good about, but also something you know can (and will) be used too.  A needless, useless gift will only become house-clutter and then eventually cast off to a landfill.

The clock is ticking but hopefully you found a new idea to help… Happy Green Shopping!

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