My chemical java

So, I’ve resolved my dilemma with having to accept throwaway coffee cups for takeout coffee, however…

I was strolling through the coffee aisle at the grocery store knowing we needed more filters for the maker. As I reached for the usual brand I buy, words from the package in the next row leaped out at me. They read: Unbleached Coffee Filters. UN-bleached?

It honestly never occurred to me. I only thought about the coffee, not the filters. But when I thought about it for a moment, it seemed a little bothersome. Unless I picked up the unbleached version, I am literally filtering my morning java through a paper that has come in contact with bleach – a chemical used for household sterilization, whitening and cleansing, but not for the body’s digestive system! The natural, unbleached versions are brown. The common ones are bleached to a snowy white…maybe to make them look clean, new and prettier. But bleach?

The EPA says that chlorine in bleached coffee filters can leach into the coffee and using bleached coffee filters can result in a lifetime exposure to dioxins that “exceed acceptable levels”. Enough said. I already use sugar and cream. Hold the bleach.

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8 thoughts on “My chemical java

  1. Hi Doreen,

    It didn’t take me long to question pouring my hot coffee through bleached paper either! Good for you for making the switch. I also recommend trying out the gold, reusable filters. They really do help the coffee taste great and…no waste!

    First time at your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Tara at

  2. Tara – Thanks! Glad you visited! I just became aware of the reusables too. May be time to make yet another change.. 🙂

  3. Hey Dor baby, I love it but let me tell you a little funny about those unbleached filters. I actually started using them because I was told that they were better at filtering the coffee – and dah-ha I fell for that. It was later I found out that they were just unbleached. Listen to me, just unbleached, isn’t that sweet. I actually started using the better product for the wrong reason and this time it worked to my advantage. Sometimes I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but sometimes it works for me!!!


  4. Matt – Ah, sugar! See…sometimes we get misled and it works out! However you got to “bleachless coffee” at least you got there!

  5. Doreen-
    We have a re-usable coffee filter. Not every machine comes with one, but it was the reason why we bought the machine we bought.
    Just found your site through Jeremiah Blogher. I am heading up the “New Media” portion of our company & have been blogging on/off for 2 1/2 years. I have 2 blogs set up & ready to go (one work, one mom) & I just can’t find the time to write! I admire you!
    Thanks & look forward to following you!
    twitter: @jenharris09

  6. Jen – Someone else just mentioned reusable filters too! I might have to change again! 🙂 And I’m glad you decided to visit! Thank you for the compliments! It’s great to hear when someone likes what I’m doing! Visit me often!

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