My cup of joe “to go”

I think I need to make another change. And a takeout coffee at a local restaurant recently reminded me of the issue.

It’s a restaurant that I would consider fairly conscious and “aware”. Besides a great menu of “world cuisine”, they specialize in some of the greatest fresh blended fruits and vegetables imaginable. (I admit I had two mimosa, but hey, they were fresh MANGO mimosas!) After a great meal, I ordered a coffee “to go” and they gave it to me in a (deep breath) Styrofoam* cup! AUGH!”

Could anything be worse?!? (Styrofoam?…yeah, Styrofoam!)

I quickly realized that the Styrofoam cup that I just accepted was going to outlive me…in a landfill…to the tune of about 400 years! Not only that, but you can bet that after pouring boiling hot coffee into the cup, some of those chemicals undoubtedly migrated into my coffee. Yummy!!!

This convinced me that I need to start stashing away a travel coffee mug in my car, just for these occasions. I don’t care if it’s a restaurant, a Starbucks, or a plain ole’ coffee shop — they’re going to have to start dealing with my own mug; even if it’s a walking advertisement for someone else’s java!

(*Styrofoam isn’t actually used to make cups. Cups are made of polystyrene, but most of us identify these cups as the brand name “Styrofoam”, regardless.)

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9 thoughts on “My cup of joe “to go”

  1. I’ve been thinking alot about my coffee habits. I take my travel mug filled with wonderful coffee straight from the French press with me to the office, have my own ceramic mugs there so I can drink tea or water, joined the office “coffee club” where I can get a mug of relatively bad home brew any time, but often I found myself down at the Starbucks in our building ordering an Americano.

    So many cups…so much waste.

    And then I thought of cold brewed coffee…steeped for 24 hours until it is thick and rich…add hot or cold water and make a delicious cup of flavorful coffee without the bitterness you get with a standard brew. And I wondered…is it good for the office?

    Yeah, a carafe can keep unrefrigerated for 4 WEEKS. One ounce of the coffee to 5 ounces of water and you have the sweetest, richest coffee you ever tasted. So I went to the local coffee roaster, bought myself a kit and made some delicious coffee I can share with my colleagues.

    Better than that: no Starbucks, no paper cups, no waste. It’s there whenever I want it — iced or hot.

    Elaines last blog post..Senate vote shows support for global warming

  2. Elaine – It all sounds great to me! Going green and being conscious of our habits doesn’t mean having to make sacrifices. And that includes a great cup of coffee! Keep enjoying!

    Jim – you know….I think I might just do that! The unfortunate part of “styrofoam” is that it’s so cheap. Too many businesses are making decisions that aren’t green because their first priority is the OTHER green!

  3. Don – REALLY?!?!? I haven’t seen that, but I steer clear of McDs anyhow. That is ridiculous. What is wrong with paper?? Undoubtedly a selfish corporate decision with a pathetic explanation!

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