My kids – my little snackers!

My kids are the epitome of snackers! We can’t leave the house…EVER… without something to drink and snack on. Fifteen minute cruise to the corner store? Doesn’t matter. Two minutes in, I’ll hear “so what did’ja bring, Mommy?”

I got in the horrible habit of buying snack packs of every freakin’ snack in the universe… pretzels, snack crackers, graham crackers, rice cakes, nuts. Or I would use sandwich bags or little ziplocs and fill them with whatever snack they wanted to bring… (including all of the above and even fruits and veggies!) But each and every time we arrived home, lo and behold, I had a huge handful of trash… all destined for the trash can. No recycling in sight.

So… I did what I knew I should do. I bought some small reusable containers and started buying larger bags or boxes of the same, exact snacks. Instead of finding myself overwhelmed with individual bags and wrappers every single time I give my kids a snack, I take a few extra seconds to fill the containers with the snack-of-choice to-go… and when we arrive home, the containers get washed… instead of trashed.

It’s such a very small issue, but all of our small issues grow – exponentially – into big problems. I’m no longer part of that problem.

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