My thoughts on the Gulf oil spill… (heartbreak and fury)…

oil slckOver the past 39 days I’ve been asked (countless times) my thoughts about the Deepwater/Gulf Oil disaster… I find the situation both infuriating and heartbreaking.  This has become a full-scale environmental disaster and sadly, it is all man-made.

It is now believed that 12,000 barrels of oil are streaming into the Gulf on a daily basis.  There are 100 miles of beaches, marshes, wetlands and barrier islands now being destroyed along the Louisiana coastline and what took nature thousands of years to create is taking no time for man to destroy.  The harm created to the environment and wildlife is staggering and sadly, no amount of clean-up will allow nature to repair itself in our lifetime, or potentially even within our children’s. This is what I find heart-breaking.

What I find infuriating is that in the hour before the explosion, there were three indicators that a failure could actually occur.  All warnings were ignored and resulted in the loss of eleven lives and now the environmental devastation we are hearing about daily.oil brd

Even if the oil were stopped today, let’s remember that it took a month for the oil to reach the shore so there is now at least another month’s worth of oil still on its way to make landfall….the destruction will continue to spread.

I could get extremely political with who’s at fault and who should be fixing the problem but it seems to me… umm, BP?… you BUILT it, you KNOW how it works… fix it, stop it… NOW! A private corporation created it, not our government, and only they would have the intense understanding and technology of deep sea drilling.  Am I crazy to believe this?  And now I understand that after creating such a disaster, BP may only be liable for a cap of 75 million dollars of the cost to repair the damage and clean up this mess.  But the damage will never truly be repaired. Sickening.

Gulf Oil SpillI, for one, will never patronize a BP for any reason. I understand that all U.S. BPs are franchised and some may say that this will only hurt the business owner but, regardless, they are still supported by BP and I will not give them my money.  There are too many other choices and I will allow myself to run out of gas and walk before I stop at one of their gas stations or stores (my husband already boycotted them recently for charging $1 for air!).

But no matter how large a boycott would become it would be matter of principal alone, because BP is too large and powerful and cannot be destroyed… I only wish I could say the same for our environment.

(*View The Washington Post’s presentation of photos of the environmental disaster and destruction of wildlife)

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4 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Gulf oil spill… (heartbreak and fury)…

  1. My biggest question is based on common sense. The ocean is a powerful force which wears away at anything that sits in it or near it. Chemically and electrolitacly metals weaken and fail. Winds and waves batter everthing else. Ask a sailor what he or she does when they aren’t involved in the thier “normal” duties. They will say that they are fixing, replacing, and or painting some part of thier boat or equipment. Somewhere in the world on a dayly basis, something looses its battle with the ocean. With that in mind why hasn’t our petrochemical complex devised a system to recoup leaking oil? Not long dispirsed spills but direct streams.?

    The annalogy to think about could be say you sell lemonaide. Durring the mixing or moving of the drink you spill some. Well we haven’t invented a mop! Paper towels work but thats all we have to solve the problem.

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  3. Doreen,

    You are not crazy to believe that BP should be taking action. Nor whether 75 million will be enough to repay the damages we are going to face because of this mess. You are truly right, the ocean will never be the same after this man-made disaster. Their decision making was based on what would earn money or save time. BP knew they were drilling into a dangerous formation too fast, and the Blow Out Preventer was broken in a number of ways. This shows they were not thinking of consequences, and were too focused on profits.

    Some interesting studies that were made show that four million barrels of oil would be enough to wipe out deep marine life near the leak and elsewhere in the Gulf. So far, with the predictions made by experts, we have gone over the four million barrels. Kessler, an Oceanographer, estimates oil coming from the well contains 40% methane, which is enough to suffocate marine life and create dead zones, where oxygen is diminished. Also, he believes the natural gas below the surface has the potential to create toxic chemicals, such as benzene, because of the reduced oxygen levels; damage to the ocean floor is unknown. Not only has the spill affected the integrity of the ocean, people along the Gulf Coast are getting very sick, with symptoms similar to dehydration. Dizziness, vomiting, nausea, headaches, and chest pains have been reported not only for those that are first respondents of the oil spill, but residents as well.

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